The Lamley Custom Contest: Announcing the Category A Top 10 and overall winner…

Once again, it is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of Category A of the first Lamley Group Custom Contest.

As a refresher, Category A consists of those models that were more heavily modified, including body modifications, custom-built wheels or other additions, or just a complete transformation.  The talent associated with the Category A models is very clear as you see those selected for the Top 10.

As a refresher, just like the judging with Category B, the judges were sent the photos of each Category A submission, and asked to come up with their Top 10.  The submissions were sent without names attached, and we asked the judges to consider idea, execution, and overall impact (i.e. what they personally liked the most).  We created a point total for the rank each judge assigned to a model, with a few extra points added for the custom ranked first on each respective list.  We then totaled up the points for each custom to determine the overall rank and winners. 

As the judges Top 10 lists came in, something became especially clear.  One custom stood out well above the others.  With one exception, it was at the top of every judge’s list.  Take a look at our First Place winner, and you will know why.

Without further ado, the Top 10 Category A customs:

1. Daniel Hew (aka danielmodelmeister) – GranTurismo E30 (104 points)

Ladies and gentlemen, the overwhelming winner.  As we stated, Daniel’s custom took First Place on all but one list.  While the gullwing doors grab your attention right off the bat, take a look at all the detail inside and out.  It is truly a work of art, and a very deserving winner.

Daniel’s work has been featured here on Lamley, and we plan on showcasing more of his work shortly.  We will let the photos do the talking.  Congrats Daniel.

2. Dean Idris – (79 points)

The crispness of Dean’s modification and detailing netted him second place.  The judges were especially impressed with the double exhaust.

3. Andrei Nicola – (49 points)

The last of our top three goes to another beautifully customized convertible conversion.  The car has a great 90’s vibe to it, and got points for that as well.

Those ladies and gentlemen are your Top 3.  Daniel, Dean, and Andrei are eligible to choose from our catalog of prizes, which we will unveil tomorrow.  A hearty congratulations to each.

4. Michael Alberto – (44 points)

We have to give a special shout-out to the custom that took fourth, and just missed out on the Top 3.  Michael’s custom surely takes the creative prize, with its Mad Max theme and superb detailing.  We hope we can feature more of Michael’s work in the future.

5. (tie) Glenn Barker – (33 points)

5. (tie) Andi Indra (red model) – (33 points)

7. Joey Bergjord – (32 points)

8. (tie) Miguel Lopez – (30 points)

8. (tie) Bruno Almeida – (30 points)

10. Nick Ocom – (29 points)

There you have it.  The winners of the First Lamley Custom Contest.  As we have said, our first foray into the custom contest world was a learning experience, but we are very happy with how it turned out. A wholehearted thanks to our judges who took some time out of their very busy schedules to judge for us.

But most importantly thanks to all that participated.  We were certainly overwhelmed by the response, and it surely motivated us to do more of these.  We will reveal the prizes and display all the entries over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Congrats to the winners!

10 Replies to “The Lamley Custom Contest: Announcing the Category A Top 10 and overall winner…”

  1. Awesome! Those are eye-wateringly brilliant. All of them! Seems everyone has put real hard efforts into making each one unique. So congratulations to the winner and everyone who participated in the contest. Top 3'ers, enjoy your prizes! I enjoyed watching the customs.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. Like we said, work in progress on the contest. One thing we will do differently moving forward is set the parameters for the categories.
    There are some we might have placed in a middle category looking back, but you live and learn…

  3. Truly some amazing work!
    I was happy to enter, and though I didn't win, can clearly see I was outclassed.

    Congratulations to all the winners, and top 10 cars in each category.

    Looking forward to the next contest.

  4. thanks. i did the wagon. i'm glad i even placed in the top 10. There was some really well done and much more experienced customizers in the mix. i'm happy to see two of my buddies to place in the top 3 from both categories. congratz Andrei & Shawn!!

  5. Second place, THAT? Really? That basic, with such a random livery? Reeeaaally?

    The Mad Max dune buggy should have been first or second. Second should have been like 7th or so. I really REALLY don't agree on second place.

  6. The line is still a bit blur on both category, but yes, a still, great first event! Can't wait for another contest guys! Nice to have this regularly, just to keep us driven. Oh, and thanks for putting me on the 5th guys! haha. I built the red & black M3 Sport Evo.

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