The Lamley Custom Contest: Announcing the Category B winner, as well as the Top 10…

We are finally here.

We must sincerely thank everyone for their patience as we worked through the judging of the BMW E30 M3 customs.  As I mentioned earlier, we received a much larger number of submissions than we anticipated, but we were more than thrilled about it.

So the process of organizing and judging was a far greater task than we expected, and it took a great deal more time.  We have taken extensive notes, and the next contest we do (which is coming soon) should work just a bit smoother.  But we are finally here, and we are very pleased to announce the winners.

Before we do, a little explanation of how we judged.  We separated the submissions into two categories:

Category A – Custom builds.  Extensive body changes and other custom built features.

Category B – Repaints, wheel swaps, and mild modifications.

It was hard to draw the line on some of the models, and in the future we may do three categories.  But for this we chose two.

The judges, who we introduced a week ago, were sent each category and asked to come up with their Top 10.  The submissions were sent without names attached, and asked the judges to consider idea, execution, and over impact (i.e. what they personally liked the most).  We created a point total for the rank each judge assigned to a model, with a few extra points added for the custom ranked first on each respective list.  We then totaled up the point total for each custom to determine the overall rank and winners.

So we are proud today to announce the winners of Category B.  Category A winners will be announced tomorrow.

This was a very tight race, with 5 points separating the Top 3.  We will break down the totals as we go…

Let us start with our Lamley Award winners, the Top 3 for Category B, followed by the remainder of the Top 10:

Our winner:

1. Ernest Li – Replica of Ken Done’s 1989 BMW Art Car (74 points)

Congrats to Lamley regular contributor Ernest Li for winning the Category B!  Ernest decided to replicate Australian artist Ken Done’s BMW-commissioned Art Car, completed in 1989.  His attention to detail and amazing ability to replicate Ken Done’s art in mini form is what impressed the judges.  Ernest’s car received 3 first-place votes, the most in Category B, and is a very deserving winner.

The real thing:

Ernest’s replica:

2. Shawn Sawyer – 1992 BMW Jägermeister M3 #19 (72 points)

Right behind Ernest was Shawn with this beautiful replica of the iconic Jägermeister BMW in bright orange.  The judges loved paint work and detail, and a few were surprised to see how well the old Matchbox lace wheels worked.  Shawn’s car received 2 of the 8 first place votes.

3.  AnMinh To – Peter Brock M3 (69 points)

Another very crisp replica, with great decal work and color.  AnMinh’s car also received 2 of the 8 first place votes.

Those are the Top 3, and all will get to choose a prize from the Lamley Winner’s Catalog, whcih we will highlight after announcing all the winners.  Congrats Ernest, Shawn, and AnMinh!  

Now on to the remaining Top 10:

4. Ahmed M (55 points) 

The last first place vote went to this one.

5. daniXP (40 points)

6. Kirby (29 points)

7. Andrian Sugiharto (white model) (28 points)

8. Jason Miller (27 points)

9. Lim Rikmun  (23 points)

10. John Presto (22 points)

So there you have it.  The Category B Top 10.  A wholehearted congratulations to the winners!

We will announce the winners of Category A tomorrow (you do not want to miss that), and afterwards we will past all the amazing customs that were submitted.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Jason Miller's entry is what the E30 should be in super form. That ride height is also what the E30 should be at straight from Mattel


  2. I was thinking the same thing, but have to admit his work is done really clean. still cant wrap my mind over an asian theme on a euro. LoL

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