First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Ford GT LM…

Our bittersweet journey through the latest batch of Boulevard continues.  Bittersweet?  Absolutely, as Boulevard hits its stride right as the line comes to an end.

Case in point, this beautiful version of the Ford GT LM.  This model has been a beauty since its debut, and after being a Treasure Hunt and Speed Machines model, it now sports its first metal base and real riders.  And the Hot Wheels team went all out, with yellow rims and and a very cool design that is unique but still pays tribute to the iconic Ford GT deco.

After Hot Wheels released the Ford GTX-1, with its oversized wheels and tooned design, I was not too confident in the GT LM.  I was surprised and very happy to see how good it looked, and have loved collecting it since its debut.  Going through all the versions, which we do here, should convince a lot of those who haven’t collected this one to maybe start…

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Hot Wheels Ford GT LM (2013 Boulevard):

The family:

And one last photo, maybe for my own fun…

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