Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Acura NSX Concept…

Just a quick drop-in to let you know that the next batch, presumably Batch K, is hitting overseas, and we are starting to get glimpses of the new stuff.

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It is via these connections that our overseas friends are sharing their Batch K finds, and we have the first images of the brand new Hot Wheels Acura NSX Concept.

The model looks to be done very well.  The wheels are the same size, the proportions look right, and from what we can tell that unique Acura grill is very well done.  We cannot wait to get this in hand and give it the full Lamley treatment…

5 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Acura NSX Concept…”

  1. This one is pretty nice. I will definitely be picking this one up. I hate those wheels with a passion, but they kinda look like that on the real car, so i guess it fits. Still, a must cop.

  2. I agree that MC5s would have looked better. Still plan to get one when it hits the pegs, though.


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