First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT (basic "non-Super" version)…

Well, if 2012 was the year of the BMW (2002, Z4, M3 GT2, E30 M3), then 2013 is most certainly the year of the Toyota.  ’70 Celica, Supra, 2000GT, and the upcoming Scion FR-S have made sure of that. Add to that the AE86’s run in panda deco, as well as the basic range debut of the Hilux, and there is no doubt.

I know I have reiterated that before.  But let’s be honest, I don’t think a Japanese carmaker has gotten this much attention from Hot Wheels in just one year.  It is very exciting.  And we are not talking Camrys and Avalons.  We are talking iconic JDM cars, all tackled by Hot Wheels in one year.  Rejoice…

Which leads us back to the king of the Toyotas this year, the 2000GT.  I shared my excitement about this model when we showcased the Super Treasure Hunt, and it hasn’t changed with the basic version.  It took me awhile to acquire this model.  Early J cases sporadically had the Super, but no basic version at all.  But I was able to find a great seller on ebay (jode67ss) who let me get a little flexible on price, and now the model is finally here.  Considering we saw the Super at the turn of the new year, it took a while for the basic version to appear.

But appear it does, and like it’s Super counterpart, it is quite the looker.  Simple red with MC5’s.  In some ways, the reg even appeals more with the plain hood and roof.  We will just say we are happy to have both.

2013 is shaping up very nicely.  2012 brought the BMW’s last year, as well as instant classics like the Subaru Brat, RX-7, and Greenwood Corvette.  And that followed 2011, when we saw two Skylines released almost completely out of the blue, among many other great models.  2013 has already brought the Datsun Wagon, these Toyotas, and little treats like the Bel Air Gasser and Kool Kombi.  Oh, and Ferris’s Ferrari that we cannot wait to see.  It gets better and better.

And among all those great new models, the 2000GT reigns.  As iconic in Japan as any Camaro or Mustang is here, or Ferrari in Italy, or Porsche in Germany.  Its debut is a long time coming, and well worth the wait.  Honestly, if I told any of you JDMer’s in 2010 that within three years the Hot Wheels lineup would include Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines, two versions of the 510, an R34, ’70 Celica, RX-7, AND a Toyota 2000GT, would believe even one word of it?  It is truly amazing to see what has happened.

One last thing.  Many have asked about the chassis.  The basic has a plastic base, and the two Supers I have sport metal bases.  I have heard that plastic bases were slated for both models, but at least early Supers have the metal base, maybe left over from the HW Racing version that was never produced.  We will have to see if any Supers appear with plastic bases.

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Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT (2013 Basic):

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  1. I'll be honest, I'm kinda angry that Hot Wheels would debut a model as a T-Hunt. It seriously limits the availability of the new model to those of us who collect mainly new models. And since the new models tend to go relatively quickly in my area anyway, it's going to be virtually impossible for me to find this one. Thanks Hot Wheels for messing with the perfectly good system that you had going…

  2. I'm glad that I can (hopefully) get some regulars, thank god. But I would be lying if I said that I didn't want the Hunt either. Living where I live makes that very difficult. But I don't wanna dish out Ebay money either.

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