As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending March 16, 2014…

Maybe someday there will be a bad week of customs, but it won’t be this week.

And it surely won’t be next.  Hot Wheels BMW E30 submissions continue to roll in for the first Lamley Custom Contest.  Remember that submissions are due in exactly one week by the end of day on Sunday, March 24.  Also, we will ONLY accept submissions emailed to us at

One other note.  Try to send at least three photos of every angle of your custom.  Because we are judging solely on photos, more angles definitely gives us the best idea of the extent of your creation.  When we open the judging up to Lamley readers, we will show what we feel are the three best photos of each submission, so feel free to give us as many as you feel we need.  We look forward to your submission…

Now on with this week’s customs…

The Custom(s) of the Week is a little different this week.  Some of you may know that the 4th Annual HWC Malaysia Dinner was held this weekend, and from all accounts it was a blazing success.  The highlight for us at Lamley?  The customs.  This area of the world may be the newest hotbed for Hot Wheels collecting, and it is already houses some of the best HW customizers on the planet.  So we have selected all the customs displayed, bought, sold, and given away at the HWCM as our Customs of the Week.

It is nearly impossible for us to dish our proper credit, but if anyone who knows can help me, I will add credit as we go along.  But I know who did this masterpiece:

Mohammad Raimiey

And others from the dinner:

And there are great images in this video as well:

I am sure there are a lot more out there, and if anyone who attended wants to share, please email them to us.

We also can’t leave the Custom of the Week part of this post without showing off these two amazing pieces by regular Lamley contributor Daniel Hew, who submitted his Cyclops Bone Shaker and Custom 56 Ford Coca Cola Van:

Now with the rest of this week’s customs:

Shawn Sawyer


Tim Keivit with Cooter’s truck from the Dukes of Hazzard, Stallone’s truck in the Expendables, and the sedan from Men in Black:

Felix Ricardo Quintana Salazar

Jordan Williams

Gil Siegfried, who updated a Tomica he has had for 35 years:


Andrian Sugiharto

Miguel Lopez

Nicholaus Tamboto

Paul B with the Hendrix Bus:

Mark Lester Gallarde

Joel Presto

Mike Bisiak

Balázs Kisgyörgy

Lamley contributor dragstueck – HWC

creepsterz – HWC

SyndicateOfSpeed – HWC

8 Replies to “As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending March 16, 2014…”

  1. Let me start off by saying that Daniel H.'s cars deserve to be Customs of the Week. I have always admired his technique, but the fit and finish is also there too. I feel that's what seperates his work from other customizer's creations, not only just the concept itself, but the quality of the whole thing too. This comes from somebody that has my work on here just about every week.

  2. Wow! A lot of these are amazing! The Toy Soldier Mini is great!

    John, could you do me a huge favour and send my compliments to Shawn Sawyer for his Rust Bucket (Galaxie?) I wanted to ask him how he managed to put a hole through the windshield and left the crack marks on it.

    Thank you so much.

  3. First of all an amazing week for customs! I have to agree with Kyle here,Daniel H's work is unbelievable the attention to detail is drop dead spot on! The cuts are astonishing,maybe it's time to break down custom of the week into categories? This kind of work is hard as hell to do,you have to have super human patience. It takes time to lay this kind of work out. No disrespect to anyone else and I myself had work on here a few weeks but without question that kind of work blows anything I have ever done out of the competition. Now I may be bias cause I have major respect for cutters as their known.
    On another note I love the Kombi but I just wish I could get my hands on one and there are so many customs of it it makes me crazy! I love the customs I just wish I could get one of them so I can really appreciate the custom versions.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  4. Actually Daniel's were selected as Custom of the Week. Look closely. And I am full agreement. His work is second to none. Skilled and creative. Glad you guys liked the post this week. It gets harder and harder to pick a custom of the week each week.

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