DMC Model of the Day: Kyosho OEM Pagani Huayra Macau Grand Prix Exclusive…

We have been looking forward to showing this one for awhile.  It is certainly not new, and I am sure many of you have seen it or even own one.  (One of our Lamley friends has one coming, thanks to our occasional Facebook drawings.)

And sadly up to this point we have never busted this one out of its plexiglass case and thrown it into the Lamley studio.  Well finally we have, and we are glad we did.  This is one boss model.

We have featured the Kyosho OEM Factory Paganis twice before, and we could actually feature ten more models.  There were 12 colors produced for the set, and Lamley has the two we have featured.  But this special edition isn’t even part of that set.

This black and white beauty was produced solely as an event model for the Macau Grand Prix, and was only distributed by DMC (Daboxtoys).  There were only 299 made, and is the first of what has been and will be many DMC exclusives (Porsche 911, VW Beetle, Toyota 86, etc).  This one in particular stands out in black and white, with its one-of-a-kind black rims.

And this Pagani is a great example of why I love these models coming out of the Kyosho OEM factory.  I know many of you saw Richard Hammond drive this car on Top Gear.  I know many of you felt the same way I did when you saw the Stig hit the corners on the Huayra’s lap.  I hope that a few of you were blown away by the design of the car, especially that fantastic interior.  Yes, I would like to own one of those.  But surprisingly (I know, shocking!) I can’t.  But I can own three mini versions, done by a company that really knows what it is doing design-wise when it comes to 1:64.  All you have to do is look at the side mirrors on the mini version to know that this model means serious business.

And it is even better to have the exclusive.  Its two-tone paint job is unique to that model, as are the wheels.  Get it while you can, either at the DMC store or at their ebay store

Kyosho OEM Factory Pagani Huayra (DMC Macau GP Event Model):

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  1. I think I may have to pull the trigger on this one. I've got the gold one with the gold rims and it is beyond fantastic.

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