As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending March 9, 2013…

And here we go again…

For those of you interested, submissions for the first Lamley Hot Wheels E30 BMW M3 Custom Contest are starting to come in, and will be a brutal competition.  There are already some amazing pieces vying for the top spot.  I cannot wait to see what else comes in.  There are two weeks left to get your submissions in.  Remember we will only accept those emailed to us at

Also, the question was asked if participants are allowed to submit more than one.  Absolutely!  As many as you want.

So let’s get to this week’s customs.  Many thanks to all those who submitted work this week.  If you want to have your builds displayed in our weekly post, email them to or submit them on our Facebook Page…

Our Custom(s) of the Week come from a new contributor, Nahuel Ditomaso from Argentina.  His creations are wonderfully conceptualized and precisely created, and we really enjoyed the photos.  While I am not a hot rod guy, I think the official CotW has to be Nahuel’s fantastic take on the Bone Shaker.  We hope to see more work soon…

I also really liked this before and after set from Nicholaus Tamboto.  The custom is great (love the wheels on the 250 GTO) and great photo:

And our other faves for the week:

Dominik Wierski

Miguel Lopez

Joel Presto

Ben Kiehn

Andrian Sugiharto

Mike Bisiak

Paul B

Adam Ryan Lynch

Niels Nieuwenhuizen

One of our regulars, Dani Xp

Mark Lester Gallarde

matchboxtom – MCCH

RemusNicola – HWC

tony18 – HWC (love the pic)

mad-mike – HWC

Takumi17 – HWC

Jamdiggity – HWC

ryosuke7 – HWC

Grizz – Swifty’s Garage

Color Wheels – HWC Malaysia

Mass Putra – HWC Malaysia

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