March 4 Matchbox Ambassador Update: One more 60th, another new model…

Greetings friends.

After a week’s hiatus I am back with more sneaks.  Thanks for your patience last week.  My schedule got the best of me, and I decided to just skip the update instead of posting it at a different time.  I think getting these out at the same time every week is important.

Nonetheless, we are back.  The Matchbox team has sent me several sneaks that will cover the next two weeks at least.  We will debut one new model this week, and another next week (and next week’s is bound to make a few folks happy), and one more the week after.

So here we go, and remember all these images are shown with Mattel’s permission…

We will start with the latest entrant in the 60th Anniversary line.  We showcased the new Ground Grinder a few weeks ago, and it was met with a very positive response from collectors.  Well here it is in 60th Anniversary form.  Some may not be terribly happy with the choice to add it to the 60th Anniversary lineup, but I hope you would agree that it looks very nice:

Next up is that new model we were talking about.  Say hello to the Dump Dozer.  Yes, this is not what you would call a collector-focused model.  It is very much a fantasy design aimed solely at kids.  My guess is there won’t be anyone jumping in the streets about this one, and I would also guess the team is aware of that.  Have at it, friends…

Next, in keeping with the construction/maintenance theme, is the Highway Maintenance Truck:

Maybe not construction themed, but the latest Express Delivery:

And lastly, two models that we will see in the upcoming Sky Busters Mission Set, the RWR Farm Spreader and Biplane:

That is it for now.  We will be back next week with more.  Like I said, we will debut another new casting, as well a couple of slightly updated castings that I think some of you will like.

Until then…

13 Replies to “March 4 Matchbox Ambassador Update: One more 60th, another new model…”

  1. That dump truck is very fantasy based. I'll probably just get this one and I'm done.

    The grader I've wanted for a while. It looks much more real than the version HW puts out with the big motor.

    The Maintenance truck looks great.

  2. How does this “regular line” grader compare size/scale-wise to the RWR versions released a couple of years ago? I think it is nice to have one in the “regular” line, but wasn't an RWR version good enough?

    My biggest negative reaction to the Dump Dozer is the blatant-ness of the tracked part being all plastic. The dump bed wouldn't bother me from a plastic content standpoint if that rear half-track thing wasn't so artificial. Otherwise, I actually think it's kinda neat.

  3. The highway truck is from 1990 and is the only one that appears descent. I think Mattel should go back to making Matchbox like they did in 1990. Realistic and collectible. The other models above are simply ridiculous. They should fire thier design team and start over. The 60th Anniversary line is simply horrid.

  4. Everything I read and sometimes post is mostly negative. You would think Mattel would get the hint and do what needs to be done already. If they want to kill the brand just do it already. If they have any plan to bring this brand back to stature then they need to put out a vintage line paying tribute to the brand. This is getting dumber and dumber what their putting out and the feedback is the same for almost everything their doing. The collecting consumer far out weighs the child or parent consumer. Where is the market research? Where is the customer is always right? You make it right it will sell plain and simple. The classic highway truck is perfect not overkill at all. That dump dozer is junk! The delivery I was glad to see in the beginning but the plastic is killing the casting. If it was at least metal on top I would probably buy multiples. There are HO guys and diorama guys that would do the same. There is a market but for some reason Mattel just don't get it! If their going to kill it do it this is pitiful to watch a great name in die cast die a painful death at the hands of a company that has no respect for the brand it took over. I try and be respectful when posting but you get crap like that dump and I know I get seriously disgusted with Mattel! I spend hard earned money on my hobby,I don't sit on my backside. Nothing against guys sit at work but there is a difference between hard labor and sitting at a desk. So when I have and yes I have to buy at least buy one of these pieces of crap to keep my collection in tact. I don't but to flip and make a profit down the line,I buy to collect and I would like to be able to enjoy what I buy. Really is this to much to ask? This hobby(and I don't think Mattel get that this is what it is) is about the enjoyment and tribute to the automobile. It's been that for me since I was a kid. Now I know some are going to post they could care less what we think or just don't buy it. To them I say you don't get it either or you have to be in it for another reason. That is your business and you can do whatever you want. For me it's about collecting not profit, no other reason. I said this before and I'll say it as many times as I feel is it called for. They have to know what is selling and what is not. Kill the brand or bring it back to it's once respected status………

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  5. The Dump Dozer is another “the less I say about it, the better” model.

    Does the Ground Grinder belong in the 60th Anniversary line? No. Does it look good? Yes. But it's gonna pegwarm while most of the realistic castings get snatched up.

    With those thoughts out of the way, I'll move on to some positive comments:

    Nice choice of colors on the Express Delivery. It's also nice to see the Highway Maintenance Truck again. I wish that it was still branded as a Chevrolet, but it's hard to complain when the only major casting change is that it no longer has a Chevy bowtie on the grill. I also like the wheels. Matchbox should use them more often.


  6. I agree with all of this. I WAS a Matchbox collector from the 1970's (1960's was for playing with them – which lead to collecting) up to the Hero City era when I couldn't bring myself to buy them anymore. I purchased Matchbox to the exclusion of all other brands. Now I purchase many brands with the majority being older, quality issues, from the secondary market.

    If Mattel's plan is to wean Matchbox collectors across to being Hot Wheels collectors then I am (not) sorry to say, “I may buy some Hot Wheels, but I will NEVER be a Hot Wheels Collector.”

    Have fun


  7. Can you guys borrow some real rider wheels from the HW's plant and do the right thing with the 60th line……

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