The Leftovers: This week’s finds, varis, and models that didn’t make the cut…

As we go throughout the week here at Lamley, we are always deciding what to show on the blog and what to leave off.  We have numerous models set aside for our occasional Model of the Day feature, some articles we are putting together, and of course a smattering of new models that we like to show here first.

But that leaves a lot on the cutting room floor.  Sometimes we find a model, like the green Kool Kombi, that has been out for awhile and has been seen by everyone.  We will share it on our Facebook Page, but it doesn’t seem too prudent to dedicate an entire post to it at that point.  The same goes for Treasure Hunts and other new models.  Other times we find some errors or variations that maybe don’t merit an entire post.

But with all that, we are repeatedly asked to through said models into the Lamley photo studio and give them the Lamley Treatment.

So if there was a week full of a lot of activity, that following Saturday we will throw together a post we will call The Leftovers.  Just a hodge-podge of finds, photos, variations, and other tidbits.  It might bore you, it might be something you were looking for, but it is here for your enjoyment.

So let’s get on with it:

The Leftovers:

The Kmart exclusives, two of which I have no idea of what they are called.

The Target Easter Speedster 5-packs.  Still no word if any of these are exclusive.  My guess is it is a mix of mainlines and multipack cars.  Note the error on the ’70 Camaro:

We will feature several of these next week in First Looks, including the Z06, Ranchero, Infiniti, COPO Camaro, and the Ford Falcon Race Car.  A little preview:

Some variations:

Olds 442 Donk with red-lipped wheels, found at Kmart and Target:

Falken Cuda without green hood stripe, found at Kmart:

with a couple of photos:

Plus a couple of current models I opened:

Kool Kombi.  I finally found a couple in a Smith’s shipper, and can open one.  We will do a more extensive feature when we have the orange recolor:

Flintmobile.  Not my cup of dino tea:

Ferrari Enzo recolor:

My Treasure Hunt finds for the week:

Buick Riviera Super, found at Walmart (my first Super find in awhile):

Lincoln Continental reg Treasure Hunt, two found at Walmart and two found at Kmart:

And lastly, two variation acquisitions that we will feature later:

2006 FE AE86 Corolla with 3sp wheels:

2010 FE Lamborghini Gallardo with 10sp (I found one in a 10-pack when it was out, but I wanted one carded):

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