Announcing the first ever Lamley Group Custom Contest…

When we started the Lamley Group, one thing we could not have predicted was that the blog would become a showcase of sorts for some of the best diecast custom work from all over the world.  And needless to say we could not be happier about it.

The Lamley Group wants to be much more than just a place to show the latest Super Hunt (although we will never be opposed to doing that), but rather a gathering place to celebrate the art and design of these mini cars.  We want to take things up a few notches from where some collectors like to reside, and even add a tiny level of sophistication to our hobby.  I think we would all agree we can use a little more of that.

Well we cannot think of anything better than to continue to push forward our focus on custom work.  I say it every week: We are AMAZED at the talent level among customizers of all ages and backgrounds.

So it is time to showcase that talent a little more…

Announcing the First Lamley Group Custom Contest!

It is very simple.  We give you the parameters, and you produce a custom by the deadline.  Each submission will be then reviewed by a panel of judges that we will announce shortly, as well as by Lamley readers.

So there will be two winners – one chosen by our judges, and one by our readers.  Prizes will be given, but more importantly you will be recognized by your fellow collectors as one of the best.

So let’s get on with our first contest.

For this contest, it is very simple.  See what you can do with the Hot Wheels ’92 BMW E30 M3:

That is the only rule.  Start with this casting, and go from there.  It can be a simple wheel swap or a complete rebuild.  We leave it up to you.  And remember, with us even a simple wheel swap could win the whole thing.  The key is to wow us…

Submissions are due by the end of the day on Sunday, March 24, 2013, and pics MUST BE emailed to us at  No submissions will be accepted on the Lamley Facebook page.

We will then showcase the submissions for one week, and announce the winners the following Sunday, on March 31.

So, are you in???

Get photos of your E30 customs in to us by March 24, and good luck!!

15 Replies to “Announcing the first ever Lamley Group Custom Contest…”

  1. I was extremely disappointed with the stance on the (one) E30 I found, so I just reworked it yesterday. And swapped the wheels. Guess I'll send it in, but it's pretty plain.
    Great idea; looking forward to seeing more custom contests!

  2. I just got my M3 yesterday before getting home and reading this post, so I'll try to go back and find another, there was more than 3 in the pegs, hope to find at least one…

  3. i was in the process of customizing my entry right now.. i will submit
    my entry as soon as i'm done with it… hope you guys like my work…

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