February 18th Matchbox Ambassador Update: A new model for 2013…

Hello fellow collectors, and Happy President’s Day to our friends in the US.  I am happily taking the day off from my normal job, but rain or shine, the Ambassador duties continue to call.

With that let me throw out some thanks to the Matchbox team at Mattel for doing all they can to keep these weekly updates going.  They are sometimes at the mercy of what FEP’s come in, and there are some weeks that they don’t have anything to show.  I manage that on my end, but some weeks will be more fruitful than others.  But we will always do our best to bring a decent update to our Matchbox-collecting friends.

With that, there are a few tidbits to share this week.

First off, the team is excited to let everyone know that the development of the Dodge A100 pickup is ahead of schedule, and the model is returning to the 2013 lineup, instead of being delayed to 2014.  The team is very excited about this one, and from everything I have heard, it may be a serious contender for collector’s model of the year.  As soon as I have a sneak, I will be sure to show it here.

The team has also noticed the positive response to the latest Mission Force set, and is happy you have noticed the push towards realistic liveries on those models.  You can see the same thing in the latest EMT 5-pack that is just hitting stores.

2013 Batch C has started appearing in stores in many countries, and Batch D will soon follow.  Some dealers already have Batch D in hand.  If you are a follower of the Lamley Group we will profile a few models from both batches this week.

Lastly, several of you have asked about the status of the Real Working Rigs.  The line has not been discontinued, but there will be no new tools or decos for 2013, outside of those RWR included in the Mission Force sets.  I don’t know if there is anything different slated for 2014, but it will be my successor’s job to figure that out.

There are still more questions into the team and I will share their answers as soon as I get them.

On with the sneak peaks, as always shown with Mattel’s permission:

We will start with a new version of the 2000 Corvette in green.  The model looks quite sharp, with one exception.  Those yellow wheels don’t seem to fit.  Never fear, those are the wrong wheels.  The actual version in stores will sport gold 5sp wheels.

Next up is a running change on the upcoming 2013 version of the Sowing Machine.  I previewed this version a few weeks ago:

But you variation collectors should also be on the lookout for this one as well:

We have already seen running wheel changes on a few models, and it appears we have more coming.

Finally, a new model to preview.  It is a new non-licensed road grader, the Ground Grinder.  Dave describes it as the RWR’s little brother, and it was made to fit in the basic range and be a nice play companion with the Ground Breaker, Scraper, and Road Roller.  It will also appear in the 60th Anniversary Line with a different body color and deco.

There is more to come next week, and keep returning to see DLMer’s views of Batch C and D.

Until then…

9 Replies to “February 18th Matchbox Ambassador Update: A new model for 2013…”

  1. Matchbox, cut it out! Please! Now I'm gonna have to buy another construction vehicle, and another beauty of a sports car, and skew my collection further from it's original purpose (emergency vehicles). And another darn farm vehicle, to boot! Oh, come on!

    (Couldn't find that sarcasm font….but all three of these are gonna end up in my house)

  2. I'm ok with them all but the rims on the Covette will have to go!
    The second one I thought was a salt truck didn't have a clue what it was.
    The grader is a great casting for construction guys. This is my favorite batch of sneaks yet.
    I think at some point you should do a look back at all the sneaks so we can get a sense of all the models so far, just a suggestion.

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Ah! The Corvette! How good it feels to have an old car return to the mainline, just like the Z4 last year! And after almost, well, many years, it dosen't disappoint. The paint scheme is good (even though the actual casting does look outdated now), I like the color, and the gold wheels will look pretty nice, I think, and do work with the interior. Remember racing with this car in NFS High Stakes.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. Nice to see the 2000 Corvette convertible back, and I'm glad to read that the yellow wheels will be replaced with gold ones.

    By the way, for those not in the know, the 60th Anniversary cars are slowly starting to hit the pegs. I've seen the first two mixes at Walmart, and I've also seen the first mix at Fred Meyer (which is a Kroger-owned chain).

    -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  5. I've been waiting patiently for anything from the 2013 MBX line to show up at retail. So far, i've only seen one thing: a single exotics 5-pack. Have US stores not begun stocking 2013 MBX yet? It's disappointing to see nearly nothing from the brand available at most big-box stores.


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