Model(s) of the Day: Custom Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines by idi265…

Yes, our custom coverage is generally reserved for the weekend, but we are going to start a little earlier by showcasing two customs sent to us by master customizer idi265 out of Brunei.

We have featured idi’s work several times before, and more than any others, these two Skylines caught my eye.  I ended up having a great chat with idi, and three weeks later a package arrived at my door that contained the very Skylines we were chatting about.

It is one thing to see these models in pics, and I hope my photos can do them a certain amount of justice, but it is completely another thing to see them in person.  The detail is well-thought out and very well executed.

But I will stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves.  Just know we were completely blown away by this fantastic gift…

(Many, many thanks idi…)

We will start with the blister cards idi put together for the models.  The blisters separated from the cards while in transit to me, but I plan on re-gluing the blisters with the cars inside shortly.  The art on the blisters is quite nice, and how cool is it to see the Lamley Group logo included?

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