DMC Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW 320i Gr. 5 in white…

Let’s jump back into Kyosho for this week’s DMC Model of the Day…

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The BMW touring car racers probably invoke some sort of response to car nuts.  Touring cars, tuned to race hard, but made to retain the sleek European figure.  Well…maybe you don’t call the 320i sleek, but under all it’s accessorizing it still manages to garner attention.  Maybe we give the word “sleek” to a member of its 3 Series racing progeny, the E30.

But still, it is a legendary BMW racer and Kyosho’s tribute to the 320i is a welcome and beautifully executed model.

Speaking of, do you want to do something fun?  Go read up on all the Group 5 racing cars and take a look at the list of 4th Generation racers.  Then go look and see what brands like Kyosho and Hot Wheels have been putting out lately.  Then try NOT to argue that we are in a bit of a golden age when it comes to 1:64 diecast.

(I guess we can give Matchbox a break at least for a couple of years.  Didn’t they carry things for at least the latter part of the 2000’s while Hot Wheels figured itself out?  We can give them a couple of years to return to greatness…)

Kyosho BMW 320i Group 5:

A comparison shot:

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