First Look: Matchbox 2013 Exotic Rides 5-pack…

Welcome back, Mr. 5-pack full of sports cars.  We missed you last year. 

You may not be exactly at the level of some previous packs, but it is good to see you around.  I could have done without the Cobra Concept (ewwwww), or the Tuscan (old, but I will admit it looks good in black), and maybe the Carrera Convertible could have taken the day off and given its invite to the Panamera.  And maybe the GT might have forgotten to add headlights to its awesome green suit and 5-spoke shoes, but it looks great otherwise.  But other than that, we are thrilled to have you. 

Don’t be a stranger, and next year maybe invite your old friends the Audi R8, or the Morgan Aeromax, or the Bentley, or the Holden Ute, or that sharp looking and severely underused CTS Coupe, or whatever.  There is a lot of room for friends.


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Matchbox 2013 Exotic Rides 5-pack:

Porsche Carrera Convertible

Ford GT

Fisker Karma

Tuscan TVR

Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

6 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 2013 Exotic Rides 5-pack…”

  1. All really nice castings! Could have done without the yellow rims, all that yellow makes it look like a taxi. Other than that great job…

  2. I love the Porsche, as those who know me in these circles know I love pretty much all things Porsche. that Shelby is a crying shame. Not because of Matchbox's rendering (nor Hot Wheels). It's quite possibly the most uninspiring, wallflower of a car ever to have Shelby's name associated with. It's like someone took a first-gen Viper and mated it with a Trabant.×960.jpg

    — TheAfghanTwilight

  3. Thought I'd throw in that the black TVR Tuscan S is also available in one of the 9-packs that recently came out (the one with the red '75 Corvette as the exclusive car). It's nice to see the Tuscan make a return.

    I would have preferred to see the Audi R8 over the Shelby “Soap Bar,” though (seriously, the car looks like a soap bar with wheels and a windshield). Still an excellent 5-pack, though. Kudos to the Matchbox team.

    – ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  4. Ahh! That Taxi thing reminds me of Transporter 2. In the end, when Jason Statham and the taxi driver (who is helping Jason) break into the bad guy's garage, after the fighting is over, Jason steals the Lambo Roadster and the taxi driver steals a yellow Porsche 911 cabriolet and during the end credits, its shown that he turns it into a taxi. Just so you know.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  5. The Highlights are definitely the beautiful white Fisker Karma and the old-mate TVR Tuscan. Very nice 5-pack. Thanks for the report!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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