January 28 Ambassador Update: More upcoming 2013 basics & a new Sky Buster…

Thanks to everyone for their patience last week.  Doing this weekly thing is hard work, and sometimes there is not enough stuff to keep up.  So we reviewed everything from the previous few months, and many of you noticed that the 2013 version of the London Taxi had not been seen before.  I completely overlooked it in previous posts, so I guess that review was a good thing.

Well back with some fresh sneaks.

Before we do that, please know that our friends at Mattel are very aware that we are eagerly awaiting the 2013 1-120 lineup.  Trust that as soon as they are permitted to release it, they will.  You will notice the Hot Wheels lineup has not been released either.  I don’t know if they will be released at similar times, but obviously that time is not now.

On with the sneaks, which are shown with Mattel’s permission.

We will start with one that I personally am quite fond of, the Ford Police Interceptor.  It is being released in its Ford promo livery, and I have to say it looks great.  I think a lot of you will approve of this one:

Next up is a new livery on the Trail Tipper:

And another collector favorite, the Pierce Dash Fire Engine.  Pierce is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate Matchbox is releasing this model with the Pierce logo featured predominantly on the sides.  Note the 100th Anniversary logo on the door as well:

And in case you can’t see it slapped there on the door, here is the new version of the Rock Shocker:

Lastly, here is a brand new Sky Buster, the Sky Safari, in both colors it will sport this year.  The wings rotate:

I hope that satisfies your appetite for at least 7 days.  We will be back next week with more, including another Gift Pack exclusive and 60th Anniversary model.

Until then…

10 Replies to “January 28 Ambassador Update: More upcoming 2013 basics & a new Sky Buster…”

  1. That Ford Police Interceptor is aaawwwweeeeee man!!!!! Lost words for it completely. Police car fans and Hot Pursuit 2010 fans are going to be jumping up and down for it. The Fire Engine is also amazing and the Trail Tipper also isn't very bad. Not really interested in the Sky busters but, thank you anyway Johny Bravo! You doin a great job putting this up!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. If you just released everything as they gave it to you instead of parsing it out to us you wouldn't miss anything.

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