Best of 2012 (Matchbox Monday Edition): Two New & Extremely Different Matchbox Fire Trucks…

We had a lot of fun with the Lamley Awards last year, as collectors voted on their best and worst of 2012.  The only problem was that all the models were Hot Wheels.  The 2012 Matchbox lineup has been a little slow to be released, so I think we will end up skipping a Lamley Award for 2012 Matchbox.  Or will we?  Maybe we can at least vote on Best New Model, once that darn Explorer is out (although I think it will be pretty obvious what models will battle it out).

But since it is Matchbox Monday (which is always sponsored by our friends at MVE Collectibles – Like them on Facebook!), why not look at our choices for the best of Matchbox in 2012.  

This is one of the first years that I remember that Matchbox did not release a new street car casting.  Especially after stellar years for us car collectors, when Matchbox was churning out some fantastic classics, civilian cars, and my favorite, sports cars.  Thankfully Matchbox is throwing us a bit more of a bone with Type 34 Karmann Ghia, BMW 1M, and Land Rover Evoque.

So in 2012 I have forced to pick a favorite from the licensed “non-civilian” castings.  Mainly fire trucks and police cars.  It came down to three, and I ultimately put the Buick Police to the side and went with two firetrucks.

Yes, the Superlift Ford F-350 and Seagrave Fire Engine could not be any different, outside of the fact that they both serve the purpose of fighting fires.  The Seagrave is a classic, done beautifully, and the Superlift is a current mean forest machine, based on a custom done for the SEMA convention in 2011.

One is absolutely beautiful, and has been enhanced in 2012 with three exclusive premium editions, done for the Matchbox Gathering, European Matchbox Convention, and Everett Marshall Charities.  The other unique in the way it was done, complete with an exoskeleton of hoses and sitting very high.  It too received the premium treatment, as an exclusive handed out at SEMA, and has become a highly sought-after model.

I like both of these side-by-side, and based on how well they are done, how a bit off the normal path for fire trucks they are, they are my two faves of 2012.

(You can find the Superlift truck at our Matchbox Monday partner, MVE Collectibles, or grab the Seagrave here…)

Matchbox Superlift Ford F-350 Super Duty and Classic Seagrave Fire Engine:

SEMA Edition

Gathering Exclusive

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