Variation Alert: The final batch of Hot Wheels Speed Machines with OH5 wheels instead of comolds…

Anytime a wheel variation is found on a model I collect, I am quick to jump.  This one is odd, however.  Here is a specific wheel variation on many models I collect, and I don’t know what to make of it.

It appears that the final batch of Speed Machines has been re-released in several overseas markets with OH5 wheels in place of comolds.  They have been reported found in Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, and Greece, and I am sure a lot more countries have yet to report.

The last batch of Speed Machines was relatively difficult to find in the US.  Not rare, but not in the main bigbox stores either.  So if you perused your local O’Reilly’s or bought from overseas, you were lucky to have the set.

(Speed Machines for sale…)

Well if you are a completist, you have to go hunting again.  Here are the models that have been reported:

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Ferrari 550 Maranello

McLaren F1 GTR (in both red and blue)

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Lamborghini Gallardo

Tesla Roadster

Ferrari F50

Volkswagen Scirocco (not pictured)

Nothing too spectacular, but now I go through that internal debate as to whether I pursue them of not.  Collecting can sure be annoying sometimes…

Thoughts?  Should I go after them and post photos here?  Hmmmm…

Or just stick with these?

7 Replies to “Variation Alert: The final batch of Hot Wheels Speed Machines with OH5 wheels instead of comolds…”

  1. These models are just neglectable instead of being collectable. It was already sad to see this series without Real Riders but at least they had two-part wheels. Mainline wheels make them look cheap – what they are.

  2. i didn't like the comolds wheels. I had always thought they had rubber tires, but t-hunted set me straight. But anyways, those wheels set them apart. Why use mainline wheels?

  3. I'm not too crazy about the mainline wheels either, but I am still looking forward to finding some of those cars, honestly. Speed Machines was probably my favorite Hot Wheels line, along with the Ferrari Racer line.

    Gotta hit up O'Rielly's again, found some comolds there. But unfortunately, at their marked up prices. But I guess it's better than buying them from Ebay.

  4. I found some in Mexico….did not realize this OH5 until I got back to the US… left a rack full of them behind… variants are hot…better than a chase or Treasure Hunt, at least that's my humble opinion.

  5. las ruedas de la liena basica demeritan la calidad de esta seri , en México encontre el Mclaren naranja con las comolds en Walmart pero si no tuviera esas ruedas no lo habria comprado si salen con las llantas comunes nadi los va a querer.

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