Jan 14 Ambassador Update: Brand new All-Terrain Crane & other upcoming basics…

Hello fellow collectors…

For today’s update we are going to stay in the basic range.  We have already seen several upcoming basics, including a plethora of off-road models, the new Lambo Police, as well as the Renault.  We have another new model to take a gander at today.

(As always, these photos come courtesy of Mattel)

The “Unstoppable” theme continues with the MB882 All-Terrain Crane, complete with the new off-road wheels and a moving arm:

I am no expert on cranes, so I will leave the uses of an all-terrain crane to the rest of you.  Might we see this in Forest Service livery sometime?  I am sure Sylvester Stallone and his Cliffhanger cronies could find a use for it…

And we have more basics to peruse.  Look for these soon in the 2013 lineup:

MB302 ’69 Chevy Camaro

MB784 MBX 4×4

MB703 Tractor

MB833 Terrain Trouncer

MB853 Sowing Machine

One last thing.  Last week we previewed some of the 60th Anniversary Models.  One of those, the Quarry King, will have a variation.  Take a look:

Here is the 60th Anniversary model.  Many of you have noticed that it would very difficult for a little Matchbox guy to get into that vehicle without a ladder.

Well, the Quarry King went through a modification last year.  Here is the first version.  Note the ladder is part of the diecast portion.

And here is the modified version.  The ladder is now part of the plastic base.

Well, the factory erroneously combined the base of the old casting with the body of the new, and alas…no ladder.  The correction has been made, and a running change will occur.  No word on which model will be harder to find, as the first versions out don’t have the ladder.  But you vari guys, keep your eyes open…

The Mattel team is back in the swing of things, so look for more next week.  Until then…

11 Replies to “Jan 14 Ambassador Update: Brand new All-Terrain Crane & other upcoming basics…”

  1. The crane's cab and wheels are 2 completely different scales. It's not an exaggeration to say a 12 year old could design a better proportioned model.

  2. I got over the fact for safety reasons they eliminated the turrets of some models. The cab of the crane is fine. My problem is with the boom. For a mobile crane the boom should be centered. If you check the Faun mobile crane Matchbox model the boom is at center. The cab is the right size if it actually sat higher on an actual turret but it's down in the chassis.

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