Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Jukebox Honda Civic with MC5’s…

I need to update variations more often.  When I hear of a new variation, I try to wait to see if I can find it and post my own pics, but that rarely works out.  I will try to do better.

But here is one I did find.  It looks like the Jukebox Series is replacing the Decades series as Walmart exclusives.  I don’t know how I feel about that, but oh well.  I really did like the Decades cars, and the Jukebox series just doesn’t have the type of deco that floats my boat. 

But this is a Honda Civic, so I have to buy it.  When I came across this line for the first time, I noticed the Honda I picked up had MC5 wheels.  I could have sworn I had seen pics of the car with PR5’s, and sure enough I found one with PR5 wheels a little further back on the pegs.  So I bought both.

Since then I have come across several of both varies.  It appears the MC5’s are more rare, and based on what I have seen reported, maybe they are more abundant in my area.  I did see one with mismatched wheels, but I left it on the pegs.  Maybe I should have bought it…

Anyway, this is something for you vari or Honda fans to look out for…

(HW Decades and Jukebox for sale…)

Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si (2013 Jukebox):


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