January 7 Ambassador Update: Upcoming 60th and Gift Pack Exclusives…

Well, we have kept the streak alive so far.  We have had an update each Monday for several weeks now, and I still have some more to come.  Plus the folks at Mattel are back after the holiday, and it is probably time for me to harass them for more sneaks and info.

With that said, I have gotten several questions from collectors regarding many topics.  Keep them coming.  I plan on sending them Mattel’s way this week, and will pass along the answers as I get them. I cannot guarantee answers to all questions, as I deal mainly with the design team, and there are just some questions they cannot answer.  But I will do the best I can.  Trust that Mattel sees collector’s reactions, whether it is posted here, on various forums, or several other places.  So I won’t necessarily pass along specific reactions to models, but am happy to throw questions at the team.

Several collectors have asked about the final models of the 2012 line.  They are in fact being released, just interspersed among upcoming 2013 batches.  In fact, 2013 Batch C has been released, and we are seeing some of the final 2012 there.  Also, as has been noted here on the Lamley Blog, 60th Batch B has also been recently released.  (In fact, I am posting a First Look profile of the Lamborghini Gallardo Police later today.)  Several of you have asked about what retailers will be carrying the line, as Batch A has been slow to hit the stores.  I promise that is the first question I am sending to Mattel.  I will let you know as soon as an answer comes my way.

Some of you have also noticed a new product in stores called Creature Catchers, which are kid-focused trucks with an accompanying creature that they can catch and transport in various ways, depending on the features of the truck.

The folks at Mattel have also noted that collectors have reported finding the Tractor Shovel with the new off-road wheels.  That won’t be the only model.  Beside the new tools that will be sporting them, look for some other current castings donning the new shoes.

Alright, as promised, some new sneak peaks.  I mentioned last week we would jump more into the 60th Anniversary line.  Well, we had four more to show, and then Mattel went ahead and released two of them in Batch B.  We will get to those too.  Here are a two unseen models to look for soon:

We will start with the Land Rover Defender 110 looking fantastic in G4 Challenge orange.  A lot of collectors have been pining for a Defender in this livery, and we finally have it.  Thankfully, we get it in the 60th line with full tampos.

Next is the Urban Tow Truck:

And two that are just arriving as part of Batch B:

Volkswagen Beetle:

Quarry King:

You may notice the Quarry King tool has been modified.  Gone are the side ladders.  I have a question going in on that.  I will let you know the answer.

To finish off the sneaks, let’s look at one more 60th model, this time from the special Gift Pack exclusives.   If you remember, there will be eight 9-car Gift Packs released this year, and each pack will feature a collector oriented exclusive with minimal deco and the 60th Anniversary logo.  I am really happy with these, and found the first three (’69 Camaro, T-Top Corvette, Cadillac Sedan Deville) last week.

We have one more to show for now, the Porsche 914:

We have now seen the Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, Mini, and the Porsche 914.  We have yet to see the Karmann Ghia, Lamborghini Miura, and ’71 Firebird.

That is it for now.  Look for some First Looks of 60th Batch B throughout the week, and I will be back with another update next week.  We will focus on a few upcoming basics, plus another new tool.

Until then…

5 Replies to “January 7 Ambassador Update: Upcoming 60th and Gift Pack Exclusives…”

  1. Really dig that Beetle.

    Thanks for the info on the remaining 2012s. Are there 7 that haven't hit yet? That's what I'm figuring, unless I forgot one somewhere.

  2. The 60th Anniversary Line is getting better with every release, hope I can grab a few in March, for my own Birthday.

    Too bad they won't hit stores in Brazil, or I might have started buying them already. Local availability is one thing I'd like to see from Matchbox, the other being a 1970 Nova SS casting, to go with the awesome Classic Muscle Cars released lately 🙂

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