First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment KITT and Batmobile…

It is the weekend, and I normally don’t like to do First Looks.  Mattel has made that a bit difficult, however, considering they threw Matchbox 60th B and Boulevard L our way so quickly.  Those models are more “Lamley-esque”, and will get the premium weekday spots.  So that leaves me the weekend to show some others.

Those others are none other than two of the Retro Entertainment models, KITT and the classic Batmobile.  While not completely my cup of tea, I have for the most part enjoyed the entertainment-themed models that Hot Wheels has thrown into the mainline the last few years.  Clearly when they threw the classic Batmobile into the lineup several years ago and watched prices exceed $200 for the initial releases, they knew they had an idea worth generating.  Since then we have seen the Back to the Future Delorean, KITT, the Ecto-1, A-Team Van, and on and one.  I would put KITT at the top for me, and throw cartoon models like the Mystery Machine and Flinstones car near the bottom.  But there is no denying all of these models are popular.

All this is culminating with a fantastic new set, Retro Entertianment, that will give most of these entertainment-themed models the premium treatment, including real riders and pretty cool packaging.  Plus we get to see other “non-entertainment” castings put on their Hollywood duds for the series, none more anticipated here than the Ferrari 308 made up to house that handsome mustached feller Magnum PI.

We will start with KITT and the Batmobile today.  They are two models you can’t upgrade too much from their basic versions, but the real riders, metal bases, and extra details to make them worth getting.  I imagine this series will be a hot seller…

(Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment for sale…)

Hot Wheels KITT (2013 Retro Entertainment):

Hot Wheels Batmobile (2013 Retro Entertainment):

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  1. Yes.. They are more or less the same. I have both, some subtle differences which isn't really obvious unless its side by side such as some added paint details on the interior which is absent on that 2013 Retro Entertainment KITT 🙂

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