The Best of 2012: Kyosho Toyota 86 Special Edition 3-car set…

Yes, 2012 is over.  We promise to get on with it.  Yet, we still want to show some of our favorites from 2012, but when new batches, models, and Super TH’s are being revealed, we have to stop the presses.

But we have a minute, so here is a set of cars that are at the very top of my list of faves in 2012.

There is no car that I liked more in 2012 than the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86/Scion FR-S.  The car is a blast to drive, is quite the looker, and hearkens back to the days of great RWD Japanese sports cars.  You only needed to spend 5 minutes at SEMA to see that the car has taken the auto world by storm, and the builds emerging invoke awe and just a bit of jealousy.

It was only a matter of time before we started seeing the 86 in 1/64 and it seemed to take only minutes.  Soon after the real car’s debut, Tomica released it’s version, and Kyosho followed soon after.  Is there a Hot Wheels version in the future?  Hmmmmmm…

(Tomica Toyota 86 for sale…)

While I am quite fond of the Tomica’s charm (and the limited dealer model is fantastic), the realism of the Kyosho makes it my favorite version of my favorite current car so far.  The Kyosho 86 comes in several colors, six of which make up two sets.

The first was a special Japanese Dealer set, with three 86’s in orange, white, and black, respectively.  You want it?  Prepare to pay through the nose, although by the looks of the packaging and models, it might be totally worth it.

A little easier to get is the 3-car convenience store set, which was, obviously, sold in convenience stores in Japan.  Well, maybe not “easier”, as the sets sold out at Daboxtoys Model Cars in a very short time.  Cheaper is the better term, but the popularity of the set means “cheaper” is definitely a relative term.  Nonetheless you can find them on ebay

I was able to get my hands on the convenience store set, and the models are beautiful.  Typical Kyosho detail, from side mirrors and rear spoiler, to stock wheels and rims.  Plus the packaging is fantastic.  This is easily one of my favorite acquisitions of 2012, in a year that I added a lot of Kyosho…

Once again, let me sing the praises of Kyosho.  Actually, I will let the photos do that.  I see a lot of people debating whether to jump in on Kyosho, fearing they will like them too much, and find themselves broke before they know it.  Ok, that is a legitimate concern, but let Felix and DMC help.  He is now the exclusive Kyosho dealer out of Hong Kong, which means he will have the most competitive prices, and shipping compares with rates even here in the States.

Do it…

Kyosho Toyota 86 Special Edition 3-car set:

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