First Look: Hot Wheels Mainline ’92 BMW E30 M3…

Yes, once again “First Look” is used a bit loosely here.  Many markets overseas have had this on the pegs for awhile, and Batch E is arriving in droves here in the US.  But this is a model I have been anticipating since it appeared, and taking photos of these models is what we do…

It being a new year, I have a few things I want to do with the blog.  One of those is to do a few more comparison photos in every post.  Sometimes with older versions, or similar castings, or another model that really has no connection other than the fact that I like the two together.  The best compliment I have ever gotten on the blog is that Lamley features make that person want a model that he otherwise didn’t think about.  So I hope we can continue to do that.

So let’s start with the BMW.  Comparison pics are easy in this case.  Let’s put together with the first version, the Hot Wheels Racing version released late last year in Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, and a few other overseas markets.  This model was a favorite of mine the second it was released, and I would call it my favorite model of 2012 (not to be confused with my Model of the Year, which has been debated a bit over on our Facebook page).  And it continues to get harder and harder to find.

But guess what?  I like the basic version even better.  Yes, no rubber tires, no front and rear tampos, no metal base.  But that is fine.  I like the color, love the non-racing deco, and am thrilled to see the lace wheels used here in gold.  It appears the Hot Wheels team has rediscovered the lace wheels, as we are seeing them more and more.  This is a good thing.  They look perfect here.  So yes, HW has pulled quite a feat making a basic version that I like even better than my favorite model of 2012.

Another model that merits comparison?  The Mercedes 190E 2.6, also done by Hot Wheels, released only twice, both in gold.  The casting is a bit pedestrian, based on an old Corgi tool, but the models work together (even though the BMW is a far better casting).  Unfortunately, I don’t have one, but I am working on it.

(HW Racing E30 M3 for sale…)

(HW Mercedes 2.6 for sale…)

Hot Wheels ’92 BMW E30 M3 (2013 Mainline):

Tomorrow: HW Ferrari F12 Berlinetta…

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