Just Released: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt…

If you follow the Lamley Group on Facebook, you know we like to post photos we come across from other collectors around the world showing their finds.  Occasionally though, a new model emerges that we are so excited about, that we have to show it here on the blog.  The latest Hot Wheels are hitting the pegs, and the newest Super Treasure Hunt is nothing short of a mind-blower.

Not only is this the newest Super, but it is a never-before-seen casting.  And not only is it a never-before-seen casting, but it is none other than the iconic Toyota 2000GT!

The AE86, a 510, Skylines, a Celica, and now the grandaddy of them all, done beautifully.  We don’t know if this is officially a New Model for 2013, because this casting was actually created for the 2012 Racing line, and was to be part of the final batch of that series that was eventually cancelled.  As much of a bummer it is that the batch was cancelled (what other models were scheduled…), we have the supreme silver lining that this casting was finished.  Can you tell we are just a bit excited?
We here at Lamley are already stretching our legs, working on our ability to charm toy managers, and learning the latest pallet-raiding techniques, because there has never been a more MUST-HAVE Super TH in our eyes.  We can’t wait to get one in our hands and give it the proper Lamley photo treatment…

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  1. I wonder if this is how the 2012 Racing version would have looked, sans the TH logo? I wish it were in white, but I find no reason to be anything but completely overjoyed we're going to have this one join the Hot Wheels family.


  2. The Racing series 2000GT was going to have the Carroll Shelby race car paint. Another cancelled japanese nostalgic was the Safari Rally 240Z (#11, I believe)
    Anyway, great job on this one; looks fantastic, and I love the fender mirrors. I don't need the super, the regular mainline one will be awesome too. Is it just me, or does it look metal/metal? Probably not, but…

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