The Step-by-Step Customs of idi265…

Occasionally the work of a customizer needs its own post.  This is surely the case.  A couple of weeks ago we started getting custom submissions from a collector we only know by his email name, idi265.  A quick conversation has revealed that he is from Brunei Darussalam, but that is all we know.

But one thing we do know is he does amazing work, and he sends us photos of the process.  We thought we would show them all to you here:
Fast & Furious Dodge Charger (using 4 cars):

Wondering about those wheels?  His method:
①Plain BBS wheels,
②Maisto wheels with lips,
③The 2 sets of wheels to become 1,
④The steps of the custom,
⑤The finish BBS wheels with Lips.

If Dom from Fast & Furious needed a family wagon:

From last week, the R34 Skyline Ute:

And you can’t have a Skyline Ute without a Skyline Wagon:

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