A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Now & Then ’70 Camaro and 2010 Camaro SS…

Is this maybe the most obvious Tale of Two post we can do?

Hot Wheels essentially did this for us, and they make for a great photo subject.  The Then & Now series is a great one, and I am glad to see it in the mainline as opposed to a special series.  I haven’t paid any attention to the other models in the series, and maybe none have been released.  Maybe I should find that out.

Nonetheless, how great are these two?  The 2010 Camaro is a great casting, and completes this set well, but takes a back seat to the ’70 Camaro.  The ’70 Camaro continues to grow on me, and at this point, if I had to pick a favorite Camaro casting, that would be it.  (ooooh, that would make a good Facebook poll.)  I honestly think the debut model in 2011 in racing livery somewhat hid how great the casting is.  It took the mainline and Super T-hunt versions in 2012 to make us appreciate it more, and now the 2013 version in black solidifies it as a signature Camaro casting.  I would put it up with the Ford Gran Torino Sport as the best 70’s era car castings.  Matchbox Design Manager Dave Weise hit a home run designing this casting.

But that is me.  I will give the ’70 Camaro its proper due later (complete with photos of the Super free of its packaging), and we can focus on the great deco on both cars.  Both black, both with red and orange striping, and both with chrome lipped wheels.  And then both add a little era flare, and we have a winning duo…

Hot Wheels 2010 Chevy Camaro SS & ’70 Camaro (2013 Mainline Then & Now):

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  1. No other cars from the series have been released yet, but I personally can't wait to see what's in store! '69 Boss 302 Mustang, and the '12 Laguna Seca Boss 302 Mustang? '69 Charger and '11 Charger R/T? '70 Challenger and '08 Challenger SRT8? Hard to say, there will only be 5 pairings.

    OOOOOOOOOOO, maybe the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X and the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34? Now THAT would be a great pairing!


  2. I have these two and they are really nice together. The only problem I have is the splash pan it should have black also. Hey I can live with that with these two….

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Zach, the El Camino is not in the Then And Now segment, it was a mess up on the HWC sneaks. It's in the G-Machines segment w/ the '71 Cuda, '66 Nova and '70 Monte Carlo.


  4. Now that is what I call a perfect pair. Both are cars that didn't do very well in there first years, but as new versions were released, they have been likened more and more by collectors and non-collectors alike. Almost everything is spot on. The colors on the body, base, stripes and the interior match up correctly and so do the wheels and windows. I absolutely love these two. They are going to come home with me without second thoughts.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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