The Lamley Awards: The votes are in, and the 2012 Hot Wheels Best New Model is…

Before we jump into the results, I must thank everyone who participated.  When we decided to do the Lamley Awards, there was some serious doubt as to whether we would actually get enough votes in to make it worth it.
Well, we got way more than anyone anticipated.  With many thanks to our good friend Derek Albert, aka doomus on HWC, we got a pretty thorough representation of collectors from all over the world.  It literally took hours to count all the votes.  We hope you enjoyed making your selections. 
Today we announce the Readers Choice for Hot Wheels Best New Model, and tomorrow we will profile the Lamley’s choice in the same category.  And over the next few days, we will do the same with Worst New Model, Best and Worst Treasure Hunts, Best Premium and Collectible Models, and finally announce the Hot Wheels Model of the Year.  Keep coming back to see if your choices made it.
So without further ado, our 2012 Lamley Award for Hot Wheels Best New Model of the Year goes to…
K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand:

I will refrain from a long write-up because KITT is our reader’s choice.  I can’t speak for them.  But I will say that the vote was very close between our #1 and #2 selections that it merited a recount.  It was about as close as Michael Knight is macho.  (see: “extremely”)  This was one of the models I thought had a chance to win.  An iconic car, especially for Generation X, and a great model to boot.  A very worthy choice for New Model of the Year.  It will take its lofty place in the soon-to-be-built Lamley Hall of Fame.
Now you ask, which model barely lost?  Well, let us answer that.  In fact, why don’t we give you the Top 5, with an additional five Honorable Mentions.  Again, these are ranked based on our readers votes:
#2 – Mazda RX-7:

#3 – Custom ’71 El Camino:

#4 – ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express Pickup:

#5 – BMW 2002:

What I love about this Top 5 is how diverse it is.  We have JDM represented, a German classic, a pickup, and a muscle car.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Look at the next group of five:
Honorable Mention:
#6 – Mystery Machine:
#7 – 1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z:
#8 – ’61 Impala:
#9 – ’12 Camaro ZL1:
#10 – ’12 Lamborghini Aventador:
It is very cool to see such different types of models make the Top 10.  Did your model make it?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  And if you want to know where your favorites ranked, just ask.  I would be happy to divulge…
Are there models you passed on before that now maybe you want to add to the collection?  It happens to me all the time.
If you missed some of these, ask around on our Facebook Page.  One of our friends might have extras.  Or head over to ebay, and see if you can snag what you want…

9 Replies to “The Lamley Awards: The votes are in, and the 2012 Hot Wheels Best New Model is…”

  1. Well, all 3 of mine made the top 10, hehe:
    '61 Impala
    Custom '71 El Camino
    Lil' Red Express

    At least I think that was my top 3… I can't remember, LOL. The BMW M3 GT2 might have been on my list in place of the Lil Red Express…

    To be honest, I'm a bit surprised the El Camino made the top 5, there was a lot of backlash over it at first. Or at least there seemed to be.

    Definitely a diverse top 10.


  2. I'm glad that Dodge Lil' Red Express is on high 4th place – that's one of my favorites (but in my model I changed wheels and painted front lights, grill, back panels and back lights). I voted on '73 Firebird and I'm disappointed – it isn't even in first 10… I know it has some weaker sides (missing lights, oversized wheels) but all in all it is a fantastic Hot Wheels! K.I.T.T. I haven't bought yet – I'm a fan of Pontiac cars but I collect only late 60's and 70's american cars.
    Lamley Awards are very fine!

  3. The green 2002 is a 2013 release, so was not included in these photos. And while it has been included in some 3-packs, it is actually a basic range release. Look for a blue recolor very soon…

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