Model of the Day: Aoshima Nissan C110 Skyline 4-door in purple…

Whether you are aware or not, you have looked at the photo above for quite a long time.  After about a month of experimenting with styles, we settled on the layout we have now, plus a title with this purple beauty in the background.

Well today we rearranged the furniture a bit, and decided it was a good time to change the photo in the title.  We stayed with the same diecast brand, Aoshima out of Japan, but went with a Nissan Laurel to take the place of our valiant 4-door Yonmeri.  While unplanned, the purple Aoshima never got its own post.  It should have.  So as it heads into a time of rest, let’s show all the photos we took that day.

And let me say this too.  We want to at the front of the line when it comes to JDM diecast and brands like Kyosho and Tomica Limited Vintage.  Hot Wheels’ push in this direction has been beyond fantastic, and I know of many collectors who have to pinch themselves when they consider the plethora of classic Japanese cars Hot Wheels is and will be churning out (and I have been told by several folks in the know that 2013 will be the best year yet, and then will subsequently be topped by 2014).

And with more and more collectors being introduced to these cars, they will surely stretch to other brands like Tomica, Aoshima, and Kyosho.  And in so doing, they will also see the amazing non-JDM models that these brands create.  It is our hope that Lamley can be an easy tool for those collectors to discover these amazing models, while our partner Daboxtoys Model Cars will be the place to get them.

So enjoy these models, and pick up a few.

Aoshima Nissan C110 Skyline 4-door:

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  1. I love these 2nd Generation Skylines. Lets face it, there's not a Skyline I don't like. These remind me of the 1971 – 1973 Dodge Coronets.
    I didn't have to see the “F&F” Movies to appreciate them. I discovered them in the early 80's when I bought my first 1/24 Scale Model Kit at my local Hobby Shop.
    Like your Metallic Purple item on this site, I've built a few. My 1/24 Scale 2nd Gen. 4 door is Lite Blue and only lowered in the front. I was going to paint it Lite Green Metallic, similar to the color my 1973 Dodge Coronet but, it didn't look… Right. I still have to make the Custom Decals for it and the front Air Dam was a pain in the @$$ to get mounted. The only Chrome is made using BMF on the Door Handles, Scripts and, Windshield Wipers.
    What I really love about these Cars and the Japanese Car Culture is, it doesn't matter how many doors a car has. Here, most “Car People” only want 2 Door cars or Wagons. Why are Wagons okay but, 4 Door Sedans and Hard Tops a no-no?
    My favorite Street Rod was a 1966 Ford LTD 4 DOOR. It was the only Car I ever owned that would LIFT the Front Wheels off the Ground. The first time I stood on it, my Cousin in the car, he just about messed himself and when the front end came back down, he ended up under the Dashboard. He tried to hold onto it but, American cars didn't come equipped with “Ooooooh $h1t!” handles. I still laugh when I think about it and tell others. The look on his face was indescribable.
    Maybe we should've fastened our Seatbelts.

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