A Black Friday Stocking Stuffer First Look: The Special Edition DMC/WheelCollectors/Lamley VW Beetle Turbo is now available in the US for purchase…

How about I suggest a nice stocking stuffer?  Thanks to Lamley Partners Daboxtoys Model Cars and Wheel Collectors, this ultra-exclusive 1:64 VW Beetle Turbo is available to purchase here in the US.

If you have followed the Lamley Blog for the last few months, you have heard about this model.  If you are also a follower of Daboxtoys Model Cars, you are even more aware of its existence.

We here at Lamley are very fortunate to have a worldwide following.  Folks from all over the world visit the blog daily, and we are very thankful for that.  We hope you continue to tell your friends about us, so that we can continue to grow and keep the good stuff coming.  We are creating a great community over at Facebook as well, and if you haven’t joined us there you should.

Nonetheless, many of our Asian friends are very familiar with A) the OEM Kyosho factory that is producing these fabulous dealer models, and B) Felix and Daboxtoys Model Cars, which sell some amazing Asian diecast brands.

I have always been a Matchbox/Hot Wheels guy at heart, but it did not take long for me to buy into what Kyosho and the OEM factory are doing.  They are producing some amazingly detailed models in 1:64 scale that have to be seen to believe.  It is my thought that there are many collectors here in the United States that would love these models as well, so it is my hope that giving them some coverage here at Lamley will help promote them, and eventually make it easier for US collectors to acquire them.

That is why I have really enjoyed my partnership with Felix and DMC.  He also thinks these models could be very popular here, and is helping sites like the Lamley Group and Japanese Nostalgic Car promote these Asian brands, and we will continue to do so.

And that leads us to the Beetle.  The OEM Kyosho Factory produces special dealer models that are sold in Asia.  They are usually done in sets of 6 or 12, and come in multiple colors.  We have profiled models from two sets – the Pagani Huayra and Porsche 911 Turbo.  We also have a Nissan GT-R in the wings as well.  If you haven’t seen those posts I suggest you do.

Daboxtoys not only sells these sets, but Felix has worked with the factory to produce special limited run models to compliment the sets as well.  There was a special Pagani made for the Macau Grand Prix, and now this special Beetle to go along with the 6-car set.  Only 299 of the Beetles were made, so it is a very limited run, and is being gobbled up over the DMC store.

The Lamley Group and Wheel Collectors got in on the act, and helped get these models completed.  And because of that a small number have been shipped here to the US and made available at the Wheel Collectors store.  And considering they will still honor the Lamley 10% discount, you can get it for a great price.  Just mention Lamley at checkout.

There are more of these exclusives on the horizon, and from what I have heard, some amazing cars are in the works.  Don’t miss out on this Beetle…

(The exclusive Beetle is available at Daboxtoys Model Cars in Hong Kong and Wheel Collectors in the US…)

Kyosho OEM Factory Volkswagen Beetle (DME/Wheel Collectors/Lamley Exclusive):

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