First Look: Hot Wheels Chevrolet Opala SS…

I wish I could type this whole post in Portuguese, but I am terrible at typing in Portuguese.  I am decent at speaking it, albeit a little rusty.  I need to return to Brazil soon to get my Portuguese mojo back.

I lived in the state of Parana in Brazil for a couple of years back in the mid-1990’s, skipping between Curitiba, Londrina, and the world famous waterfalls of Foz do Iguacu.  I didn’t have a car, so when I wasn’t walking or taking the bus, I would rely on those that had cars.  There were two cars I spent the most time in – a VW Brasilia and a Chevy Opala.

So you can imagine my joy over the last two years as Hot Wheels has introduced both cars to the basic range.  Now take that joy, multiply it by a million, and you have what our Brazilian friends feel about having their cars in mini form.

I have absolutely loved the international feel of Hot Wheels lately.  In the last few years we have seen three Brazilian car castings (VW SP2, VW Brasilia, and the Opala), classic and racing versions of the Australian Ford Falcon (and don’t forget the Matchbox Holden Ute), and several JDM castings.  More are on their way.

Today we get to feature the awesome Chevy Opala SS, returning in 2013 in racing livery after a more stock version in 2012.  A recolor of this model in 2012 would have been cool, just to have another stock color, but I don’t think I will do much complaining considering I am still in shock that this model was even done.

Considering that followers of this blog are located all over the world, and would think that the consensus would be that this is a great time to be a Hot Wheels & Matchbox collector…

Hot Wheels Chevrolet Opala SS (2013 basic range):

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Chevrolet Opala SS…”

  1. Great pics as always, John… 🙂

    Thanks for the great blog – and for helping me way back on 2005, when I started to collect seriously and you were responsible for my first eBay purchases… Some complete 1990´s and 2000´s First Edition series… 🙂

    Best regards from Brazil!

    Marcelo dos Anjos
    Cascavel (formely Umuarama), Paraná, Brasil

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