Matchbox Monday: DLMer’s View of the Classy Cadillac CTS Wagon & the rest of 2013 Batch A…

Welcome to another Matchbox Monday.  I actually enjoy preparing for Matchbox Monday, as I get to jump into the collection to see what cool stuff from my longtime favorite brand I should pull out and show off.  (And many thanks to our MM sponsor, MVE Collectibles.  With 2013 just starting, be sure to take advantage of their subscription and “one-of-each” program.  You can have one example of each batch, including the 60th Anniversary, sent to you as soon as it is released.)

Matchbox made it easy this week, as they surprised us with the first batch of 2013 as well as the first case of 60th Anniversary models.  I will save the 60th for another day (and stay tuned for a Matchbox Ambassador report showing even more), but let’s get to these new models.

You might wonder why it was surprising to see a new batch of 2013 models.  After all, Hot Wheels has been entrenched in 2013 for a couple of months now.  This is actually the right time for Matchbox to bring out the new stuff, but there is still a few 2012 models to see.

We have yet to see the Ford Explorer Police, Dodge Challenger (in a blister), and Dodge Magnum.  Some may wonder about the 2011 Dodge Charger Police, but Matchbox announced that its release has been postponed until 2013.  It appears there might be a delay with Dodge, but no reason to get into that.  Let’s look at the Explorer.

Delaying a model until well into the following year is not new to Matchbox.  Several years ago we saw the London Taxi delayed several batches, as well as a few recolors.  Likewise, in 2010 the Holden Ute and Fisker Karma took several months to make it to market after a small batch was released in Australia.  So the fact that the Explorer has been delayed is not a surprise, but why it is the Explorer might be a good question to ask.  There is probably a good reason.  The licensor is taking some time to approve a design, the casting hit a snag, etc.  I am sure we will see it soon, as part of an upcoming 2013 batch, but I hope it is soon.  As far as the two Dodge models go, I am sure they will appear soon as well.

But let’s enjoy this first batch of 2013 models.  As is usually the case, Matchbox has released its new batch of 2013 without any new models, so we will look at new colorways and deco for some existing models:

Cadillac CTS Wagon:

Easily my favorite of the batch, mainly because it is one of my favorite Matchbox castings.  We did not see it in 2012, nor did we see its Coupe counterpart.  Sadly the Coupe will take 2013 off as well, but I am very happy to have the Wagon back.  (And great choice of wheels.  I have a feeling a few customizers will want to get their hands on these…)

The Three Mattel Amigos:

BMW R-1200 RT-P Police Motorcycle:

Euro livery.

Jeep Wrangler Superlift:

The fourth version of this model (counting the 2011 Toy Fair and just-released 60th Anniversary), and all sport the SEMA logo.  I plan on doing a more extensive post on this model soon…


Second version of this “Blue Shark” successor.

Utility Tanker:

Chevy Silverado:

Mission Helicopter:

4 Replies to “Matchbox Monday: DLMer’s View of the Classy Cadillac CTS Wagon & the rest of 2013 Batch A…”

  1. John…I will buying these Wagons up as in everyone I see for the wheels. I have been waiting patiently for this wheel/rim presentation.

    Now…you mentioned the the Coupe is out for this year which leads me to believe that you are in possession of the 2013 1-120 listing. I hope this will be part of your Thanksgiving report and if it is not, then may I ask why?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone

    Jeff (94SS)

  2. Hey Jeff.

    Like you, I am a big fan of the Coupe, so that question was asked awhile ago and answered. I do not have the 1-120 listing yet, but the Mattel team is just getting back from Asia, and we will be going over things this week. I anticipate a good report for this month…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too…

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