The Lamley Awards: What is your 2012 Hot Wheels Model of the Year?

Folks, it is time for the final vote.  If you haven’t voted in the previous categories, you still have a little bit of time to get your votes in.  We are compiling all of the votes now, and in a ceremony the Oscars will be jealous of, we will announce the winners.

This last category is the doozy.  The Lamley equivalent of Best Picture:

What is your 2012 Hot Wheels Model of the Year?

And by Model of the Year, I mean ANY Hot Wheels model released in 2012.  Basic?  Treasure Hunt?  New Model?  Boulevard?  RLC?  Holiday?  Kmart?  Convention?  You name it.  The category is wide open.

It can be your favorite.  It can be one that you think deserves MotY because it was unique, or rare, or introduced you to something new altogether.  But it can only be one.

Think it through, and as before, you can leave your answer in one of three ways:

  1. By leaving a your choice here in the comments section.
  2. Leaving your choice on our Facebook Page.
  3. Emailing your choice to

And once again, we turn to our friends at South Texas to refresh our memories.  Hopefully I have all the lists linked:

2012 Mainline, including basics, New Models and Treasure Hunts:

2012 Boulevard:

2012 Hot Ones (refer to 2012 only):
2012 Racing Series:

2012 Foil Pack Mystery (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Foil Pack Super Speeders:

2012 Cars of the Decades (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Team Hot Wheels:

2012 Multipack Exclusives:

2012 5-pack Models (refer to 2012 only):

2012 9-pack Exclusives (refer to 2012 only):

2012 RLC/HWC Exclusives (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Convention Exclusives (listed by convention – refer to 2012 only):

2012 Nostalgia (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Easter (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Clover (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Mardi Gras (refer to 2012 only):

2012 4th of July (refer to 2012 only):

2012 Halloween*
*There is no listing on South Texas for Halloween, so we go to wiki (scroll to the bottom):

If I have forgotten a list, let me know, but I think this represents most of the models released in 2012.  We look forward to your selections!

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  1. Mad Manga

    Nothing got me more excited to scour the pegs than the Mad Manga. It's a hot wheels original, but then again, it's based on a real car or subset of enthusiast cars. It got the JDM nerd and collector nerd in me all hot and bothered.

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