First Look: Hot Wheels Racing ’76 Greenwood Corvette…

It happens all the time:

A batch of cars is announced.  You look at the list and determine what models you will be most interested in.  Some words stand out.  For me, “Aston Martin”, “Porsche”, “Ferrari”, and anything JDM-related instantly grab my attention.  For others, it might be “Mustang” or “Camaro”.

Then the batch arrives, or you find it in the store.  You grab what you know you are going to grab, and then there is that one model that all of a sudden demands your attention.  You normally don’t collect models like that one, but you know you have to have it.

This apparently happened with a lot of collectors last year when the two vintage Skylines arrived.  I have had folks tell me that the photos here at Lamley will peak their interest in a model they had previously ignored.  (That is by far my favorite compliment, by the way.)  One way or the other, it happens a lot.  A model we gave little thought to all of a sudden has our undivided attention.

Enter the Hot Wheels Racing ’76 Greenwood Corvette.

As I mentioned in the BMW post, all 6 models (plus a few extras) of this rare Racing batch arrived at my house, essentially as a stop-off before they head to their final destination.  After seeing pics of this batch, I had made a deal that one BMW would stay with me, and the rest would be shipped off.  Then I saw the Greenwood Vette in person.

I knew nothing of the Greenwood wide-body Vettes until I saw this model.  The car is completely over-the-top, and there is absolutely nothing subtle about its appearance (and from what I understand, nothing subtle about how it sounds).  It is definitely a historic model, and the 1:1 even spent some time in the hands of Paul Newman.  The Vette was not going to go anywhere.  I called my friend, worked out a deal, and the Vette stayed.

I was able to keep it carded just long enough to get a photo, and then out it came.  What a great model.  The design, the wheels, and black metal base.  I don’t know where we will see this model again, so I am just glad to have this one.  (And as I have said, it was not easy to get.)

RIP Hot Wheels Racing.  Between the Vintage Racing series last year, and the segmented series this year, we all have been beneficiaries of some wonderful models.  There are several out there I regret not buying, but I am happy to have those I am most fond of, including the BMW and Greenwood Vette.  I will probably put a post together tomorrow on the Racing Models I was able to find.

And yes, let me reiterate.  These will not be easy to find.  If you don’t have a friend in Canada, go find one.  Or Brazil.  Or empty your your piggy bank and go to ebay.

Yes, we are a little bummed that Mattel chose to scratch the series right as they were about to do the best batch of the whole year, but at least some leaked out.  Good luck…

Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette (2012 “Road Racer” Series):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Racing ’76 Greenwood Corvette…”

  1. The one car I really wanted, and I'll never see it. Such a shame they went through the trouble to make the casting, I hope it show up in another series.

  2. The only store I've seen that even carried this series was K-Mart and Toys R Us, and they just refuse to restock them.

    What else I can't understand is why the Boulevard and Nostalgia series, which sell WORSE then Hot Ones have been the most stocked. Every store in town has 3 or 4 Hot Ones, but pegs of Boulevard Hot Tubs. I had to result to eBay to get the Supra and BRAT. There is a market for these cars, they just need to GET THERE!

  3. Possibly the car I was most looking forward to in 2012. The real one is just too cool, and this casting is amazingly well done. Hope my brother can find one in Ontario. Probably not, but I'm still hopeful.

  4. Hello,
    today I was shocked, I went to a local toy shop and found two of this beauties! So I grabbed them all. It is wonderful model. I am from Slovakia, Europe.


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