As is the Custom: My Faves for the Week Ending Oct 20, 2012…

Yes, a little late, but our weekly foray into the world of diecast customs…

If you have something you would like to share, send it to for possible inclusion.

This week’s selections:

My Customs of the Week go to McZachenF1138 from the gtplanet forum.  I have said before that sometimes my favorite customs are simple wheel swaps, and that is what we have here.  Talking to customizers, it appears the gold rim “Real Riders 8-spoke” wheels on the HW Racing Olds Aurora are in high demand, and are being snatched up for wheels swaps.  McZachenF1138 took those wheels and threw them all kinds of Hot Wheels, creating clear evidence as to why these wheels are so sought-after:

*in case you are wondering, the model in question:

Dominik Wierski

Anhminh To


hanzel conchas

AOS – gtplanet

cano – gtplanet

saroyan – HWC

Zulhafiz Adzlan – HWC Malaysia

Something tells me the new ’55 Gasser is going to be incredibly popular with customizers.  The madness has already started:

Jamedup – HWC

Shuff – HWC

And finally, Lamley contributor Scale-Master is at it again (I wonder who commissioned this one?):

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  1. R1600Turbo took my un-announced idea for the CRX w/ the white bottom half, lol. Eventually once I get a couple more, I'm going to drill one of them, somehow strip the chrome, paint the outsides white and detail the engine and interior. And maybe find some sort of transparent yellow paint for the window to make it like the FEP (unless I can dye the window).

    I gotta get some of my wheel swap ideas done and get you pics.


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