Model of the Day: Assembling a Kyosho Ferrari 599XX…

I am not a customizer.  I think I have made that clear several times.  That is why I like featuring the amazing work of so many out there that can take a good model and make it even better. 

But thanks goes to Kyosho for throwing us non-customizers a bone.  I have already shown a handful of Kyosho Ferraris on this blog, but I haven’t shown what they look like when they arrive in the blind box.  Kyosho requires that you put them together.  From what I know, they only do this to Ferraris, as most Kyosho 1:64 Ferraris come completely assembled.

So even though it is essentially a set of wheels, seats, and body, I get to feel somewhat proud of myself for putting something together.  Just ignore the fact that my six-year-old daughter does it with me, and has gotten to the point where she can put one together faster that I can.  Oh well.

So for today’s Model of the Day, I will show the Ferrari in several states of undress.  This is as dirty as this blog will get.  Enjoy.

(Find 1:64 Kyosho at Daboxtoys…)

Kyosho Ferrari 599XX (New Series 8 in red):

The three:

With the “Secret” chase car:

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