First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones ’82 Toyota Supra…

So I have typed and deleted maybe seven starting sentences so far.  Why not just keep that one to introduce this post?

My Ambassador duties are done for a few weeks, and so the blog returns to First Looks, Models of the Day, and other such goodies.  But the last few days have been more than tiring so getting my brain in gear is hard to do.

My brain is fried to the point that “Supra = good model” seems as good as any description I can come up with right now.  I guess I am saved by the fact that I know little about the first incarnation of this model, and had to use South Texas to get an idea of what it was back in the day.  That means all I can write is that I am very happy to have yet another Japanese car from the ’80’s’ getting a presence.

And Hot Ones is once again the place.  The sporty CR-X, ’87 Toyota Truck, the superb Brat and now this.  That is a great lineup, and hopefully they become the vessels to get more ’80’s Japanese models into the basic range.

Alright, I keep typing and drifting off.  I need to go to bed.  Sorry for the horrific write-up.  This Supra deserves better.  Just trust me when I say this is a model to have.  Go buy one along with the Brat before they vanish.  It is still hard to say whether these make it to the pegs or not.  I hope they do.

Supra = good model.

Hot Wheels ’82 Toyota Supra (2012 Hot Ones):


5 thoughts on “First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones ’82 Toyota Supra…

  1. Without one in hand to compare to my Color Racer one from when I was a kid, from the looks of it this is definitely very faithful to the original casting. Even the tail lights which I believe were indeed painted on the original black and red ones. I kind of wish it had the gold wheels instead of just chrome, but that's a minor detail complaint. It's nicely done.


  2. Looking at it closer, it appears this retool has more details in the casting itself (particularly the rear) than the original, so that's a plus!


  3. I still have the HO black and red ones from the 80s…I remember the black one was a gift from my uncle, who works for the Big T. Anyway, I think HOs will be a little harder to find since WM doesn't carry them, and usually Target, TRU and some Kmarts are behind in the releases.

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