First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Yamaha Vmax…

Occasionally Hot Wheels throws a little surprise at us.

Well, maybe they threw a little surprise at me.  When I got word that the last batch of Hot Ones arrived, I was clamoring to finally have the Subaru Brat and Toyota Supra in hand.  But then Matt at Wheel Collectors told me that I had to see the new motorcycle in the batch.

Motorcycle?  Nah.  I am not a huge fan of motorcycles, and that includes little Hot Wheels versions.  The Ducati was pretty cool, and I do like the new Matchbox BMW Police bike, but in general I don’t get too excited.

Then Matt sent a photo.  Wait, you are right.  That is kind of cool.  Lots of metal, no crazy color, just a black seat and tank.  Man, I think I really like that.

That was the photo.  Now I have it in hand.  I love it.  Do 1:64 motorcycle models have to exaggerate a few things in order to be able to take on a 5-year-old?  Yes.  Are the handlebars plastic?  Uh-huh.  Is the rear wheel a little (I mean a lot) wider than what would be on the real thing, especially on a classic bike like this one?  For sure.  Is it a little out of place in the Hot Ones lineup?  I have no idea.  Is this bike supercool?  Ya’betcha…

I have no idea if I will try and collect all versions of this casting.  But this version is definitely going into the collection, and it is the first bike to do so…

(And as I said in the BRAT post, I have no idea if we see this in stores.  If you don’t want to take that chance, go snag it at Wheel Collectors like I did…)

Hot Wheels Yamaha Vmax (2012 Hot Ones New Model):

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Yamaha Vmax…”

  1. Still don't like it. Boring, like a slightly different fatboy. Terrible brakes on the front fork. I mean, seriously, they can't be a little smaller than that?
    (Not a motorcycle hater, I just like older ones, I guess.)

  2. I have never thought that any bikes that are done in this small scale dont look that good, i just cant get excited over it, now if they did a Honda CBR 600 RR, now that i would like, as i used to have that bike…

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