The Amazing Customs of Lim Rikmun: Bentley Continental GT3 & Bensopra Nissan GTR35…

What is quickly becoming one of the most popular features at the Lamley Group is our weekly foray into the world of 1:64 customs. We peruse many forums, websites, and submissions sent our way to pick our favorites. There has been some amazing work.

And occasionally we come across someone that really blows us away. Names like “Steady-Hands” franklin2700 and Scale-Master have become regulars here, and we will continue to see their work. Another such feller is Lim Rikmun from Malaysia. The second I saw some of his work I knew we should feature his models here. So we reached out, and Rikmun said he would send us some photos.

As you look as these customs, note that Rikmun builds everything from scratch. Flared fenders? Modified grills and spoilers? All molded and created by Rikmun.

We will be seeing more in the coming weeks, so enjoy this introduction:

Bentley Continental GT3:

It has only been a few days since Bentley unveiled the brand new Bentley Continental GT3:

Soon after, Rikmun got to work converting this:

To this:

Bensopra Nissan GTR35

One of the newest tuning houses in Japan, Bensopra made a splash early this year at the Tokyo Auto Show with this 1000 hp GT-R:

Rikmun followed suit:

There is much more to see.  In the next post we will get some closeups of these beauties:

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