First Look: Hot Wheels ’12 Mini Countryman Rally…

Derek (doomus), this is for you.  I know you haven’t been a huge fan of the J5 wheels.  I would not call them my favorite, but I don’t mind them either, and I think they look pretty darn nice on some models.

Here?  They look fantastic!  And I hope you agree.  Maybe it is the white rims.  Maybe it is the white rims with the dark green body and white trim.  Maybe the low stance.  Whatever it is, this is one cool model.  Derek, we await your opinion…

We have known this model was in the works for some time, and one that compliments its Mini Cooper Rally partner quite well.  What I did not expect was all the detail, not only in the casting, but in the tampo design.  Roof, hood, sides, rear…they are detailed.  Then you combine all that with the white J5s and the super low stance, and you have a sure winner.  If it weren’t for that fantastic Celica, this would easily be my favorite New Model in the batch…

By the way, I may have to take more photos of this Mini once the snow comes.

Now I wonder, with the variety of new Minis lately, so we see more from Hot Wheels?  They have done a nice job on the Minis so far (including one of my favorite Treasure Hunts ever)…

Hot Wheels ’12 Mini Countryman Rally (2013 New Models):

With its smaller counterpart (well, smaller in 1:1):

As always, you can grab the new Mini at Wheel Collectors, and mention Lamley to get 10% off!

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  1. Haha, had to call me out, huh? 😉

    Still don't care for them J5 wheels (I think the Y5s would have looked great here), but that doesn't really detract from this casting. Agreed the details on this one are great. Hope to see it a few times over.


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