Matchbox Monday: So How Do I Open this Model? by David Tilley…

Those of you who were following the blog back in July may remember my dilemma regarding an extremely rare Matchbox preproduction model.  I was instructed to open it at the Matchbox Gathering, and just could not do it.  I chickened out.

Well the model has finally made its way to England, where it must finally accept its fate.  It will be opened, but Master DLMer David Tilley has left it to collectors to decide HOW he is going to open it.

And we will tally the votes here as well.  Option 1 or Option 2?  Read David’s post, and either share your vote here in the comment section below, or put in your vote on the Lamley Facebook page.  We want to hear from you!!

On with the article:

Okay I am going to put this to a community decision. As many may remember, John Lambert picked up this model for me a few months ago.

This is a preproduction packaging sample of a Ford GT that was being used on the Mattel display for the launch of the 35th Anniversary of Superfast in 2004. It is believed to be one of only a few samples created for Mattel to showcase around at Toy Fairs and the like. This was also shown in the Mattel stock photos of the launch of the line in 2004.

Now, obviously, this has ended up in my hands. It has taken 8 years to get to me, but when I saw the stock photos in early 2004, and then when the range was launched I knew I wanted to try and get the models that were in different colors. A few of the models were in trial designs and the final production models were all totally different. In fact, as most will know, the model ended up being a replica of the original Ford GT in white with a blue stripe/6 design on the front. 

This blue “73” design was never actually produced. 

In fact, this was still in the early stages and the numbering system had not been established yet, so this was mocked us as #12, even though it ended up as #41 (as a nod to the original Ford GT again).

The rear even shows other models in early number slots that never stayed like that.

So the question is…. how do I open this model?

Do I….

1. Carefully open the package to keep the blistercard as close to perfect as I can, and then pass on this card to another person to keep for prosperity? BTW if this does end up being the option, another question will be thrown out afterwards asking who wants the package and why they want it. Everyone knows I don’t want it.

2. Rip and tear the package apart without a care for the state of the package once the model is loose. The package will then be chucked away, unless somebody wants that too?

All I care about is getting the model. That is all I want. I want to be able to hold the blue Ford GT in my hand, roll it along the table, and play with it. I want to stack a boat load of other Ford GTs on top of it and take a few group shots of loose Ford GT models. 

So it is up to you to decide how it gets out of prison. A careful opening or a mindless tearing. 

Please be aware, that I know some people will despise me for this. Fair enough. I don’t mind if you like to disclose that in a public forum. It is up to you as it is a free world. I will not think badly upon anyone who wishes to have a go at me for opening up a rare model. I know it is not exactly the most desirable thing to do with a model. But this is my model, and I will do what I want with it. And what I want is to open it. I only collect loose models. 100% of my collection is loose. I do not own models that are to be kept sealed. I do not want models in my collection that have to be kept sealed. This does not have to be kept sealed. I know it is worth more if it was, but that is not important to me either. I am not collecting for financial reasons. I am collecting because it brings me happiness. And part of that happiness is rolling the model around and playing with it. I can’t do that with a sealed/blistered model. You do need to know that anything you may say towards preparing a counter-argument against trying to open this will be read by me, all details will be taken fully on board, and then dismissed without reason. 

THE MODEL WILL BE OPENED NEXT SUNDAY (October 7). However, the way it will be opened will not be revealed by me. As I stated at the start (for anyone who was actually reading) John Lambert helped me to obtain this model, and as such it will be receiving the results of the opening on October 8th Matchbox Monday on the Lamley blog. John will provide a link to it when it is done. 

These will be the last photos you will see of this model sealed.

Share your vote!

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10 Replies to “Matchbox Monday: So How Do I Open this Model? by David Tilley…”

  1. A possible Option 3…. what if ScaleMaster were to do an exact replica of this model and send it to you, so you can keep this rarity in tact and pass it onto someone who wants to preserve it in the box? Normally I wouldn't care, TH, Super TH, whatever, but in this case the packaging and its history (as you have outlined) are inherently part of what makes this car special, and they go hand in hand.

  2. I am going with a modified version on option 1. What should be done is – very carefully open the package and take out the car. Then, I think you (David) should not give the package away but instead keep it to yourself. So, it is still possible to put the car back in, if and when the need be (which I think is unlikely). As it's said before, this car is special as is the packaging. I know you don't want the package but still, look at it this way – you take out the car, play around with it, take photos, whatever… and when you're done, you put it back into the package. That way, the car can be both in and out whenever you want. I do the same with some of my 'valuable' cars, I take them out, play with them (I mean 'play with them') then put them back in the package and in my cupboard.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. I have to agree. Like I said on the original posting of this, the historical aspect of it is what is keeping me from saying “rip er open”


  4. OK, that is too weird. Especially the timing.
    On my bench over the last three days is of all things a HW GT40 that was that same metallic blue. Operative word being was. (I am reworking a custom I did several years ago. It was #65 though, not 73.) It is now white and awaiting the blue hood stripe with a #6 to pay tribute to that same MB GT40 with yellow wheels I still have from my childhood.
    As I was reading this article I was thinking I should make a clone of the rare #73… Hmmm… And then I see someone else thinks the same way!

    Send me the package and I’ll put a clone in it? That’s just wrong…

  5. Scale-Master, it's me Ben from JNC. I didn't mean to put a clone in the package, but to make a clone of the car for Dave to play with and keep the original in the box! But it IS an eerie coincidence…. Great minds?

  6. Hi Ben,
    Ahh, the problem with written text, no inflection, and the inability to see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

    While it would be easy to make a forgery with a clone, I think we all agree it would be unethical and I did not mean to imply that was anyone’s intent. Just the twisted fantasy conclusion my mind went to all too easily. Sorry for any confusion.
    But I may have to make a clone just for the heck of it. Maybe with a “still to be determined” Lamley Group logo on it somewhere…?

  7. I think I need to see that custom, Mark. And I have been so busy I haven't even thought about the logo. Maybe you, Ben, and Ricky can help me come up with something…
    And the idea of a clone has been discussed with DT, but to no avail. It is coming out. I have an inkling that another one if these is out there somewhere, and I am looking into it…

  8. You can use Acetone(Nail polish remover).Take a Qtip,get it wet and pass along the edge of the bubble.give it time to absorb the liquid.No need to get carried away as the glue will dissolve slowly,releasing itself from the paper.The reason you have to do from the edge is because the card has a plastic finish.Good thing to do is practice on a cheaper one.Good Luck!

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