New Hot Ones, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels Basics over at Wheel Collectors…

I just wanted to give all of our Lamley friends a heads up on what new stuff is now available over at Wheel Collectors.  As you know, Matt and the gang over there have been major supporters of the Lamley Blog since Day 1, and is a big reason why we are able to get First Looks out so quickly.

It has been a bit of a rough week for them, and I wanted to help out.  A glitch over at ebay accidentally deleted the Wheel Collectors ebay store and they have spent the better part of the week getting it back online.  And while that was happening, Mattel sent them cases of brand new stuff.  Now that things are relatively back to normal, I can imagine Matt sitting on his couch, staring at a wall, wondering where the week went.

Well all that new stuff Mattel sent is now up available for you to snag.

Some of what is available (click on the links to go right to the listing):

Hot Wheels Nostalgia Batch K (Atari)

Hot Wheels Hot Ones Batch Q (including two new Mustangs!)

Hot Wheels 2013 Basic A Case

Lastly, the highly anticipated Matchbox K Case (with the Buick Century Police)