First Look: Hot Wheels Super Speeders Lamborghini Aventador…

Well, this set of 12 Mystery Cars is called Super Speeders, and I think it would be difficult to find a car more suited to that title.  You can put flames on a ’64 Lincoln Continental, but it will never as fast as a brand new Aventador.

I think this is the first time I have featured the Aventador casting on the blog.  When I get my hands on the white version, which should hopefully be within the next week, I will show all of them together.  I like this yellow, but the orange still takes top honors for me.  The white might surpass them both.

I do like this casting.  And here is a very nitpicky reason why: The rear wheels sit flush with the rear wheel wells.  There was a period of time that Lambos done by Hot Wheels never looked right because the rear wheel wells shot out way past the rear wheels.  It almost made the car look like it was on spare tires.  And when you shoot these models at the angles I do, it becomes difficult to hide.  In this post, I had the pull the wheels out on the side being photographed to make it look right.  That is not the case on the last few Lamborghinis, namely the Gallardo, Superleggera, Estoque, and now the Aventador.  Hooray.

A big deal?  No.  Lamborghinis are cool, and Hot Wheels (and Matchbox) should continue to produce them.  And they will

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador (2012 Super Speeders Kroger exclusive):

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