First Look: Hot Wheels Super Speeders Mystery Pack Ford Gran Torino Sport…

I had some decent finds today, as documented on the Lamley Facebook page.  (If you are not following the Facebook page, you should.  There is a lot of good info there that doesn’t appear on the blog…)

And as nice as it was to find some of Batch Q (a lot has already been shown here), and some Decades, I was most excited to find the Super Speeders Mystery Cars at Smith’s, our local Kroger store.  We have already shown the fantastic Mazda RX-7, and it remains my favorite of the bunch.  But there are some other great models.

Just barely behind the RX-7 on my favorites list is the Gran Torino Sport.  I…love…this…casting.  I cannot reiterate it enough.  It stands out in a sea of Mustangs, Camaros, and other muscle.  The 1:1 may not have been the performer its cousins were, but it ranks very high in the looks department.  Mix a little muscle silhouette with the geeky grill and you have one cool 70’s car.  Cool enough to be one of my favorite classic American car castings.

Another thing to like about this model: It is part of a 2012 line, yet it is a recolor of a 2011 model.  And that 2011 model happens to be the debut of the Gran Torino, and as is the case with a lot of New Models, sports a stock design.  Like we pointed out with the multipack VW SP2, this gives us another version of a previous year’s model.  And that goes with many of the other Super Speeders models.  The Camaro Road Race, for example, has already been a Super in 2012, yet the Super Speeders version is a recolor of the 2011 debut.

These Super Speeders are quite cool, so we will show more of them in the coming days.  In the meantime, try and go find them at your local Krogers, or snag those you want from those who have Krogers…

Hot Wheels Gran Torino Sport (2012 Kroger Stores “Super Speeders” foil pack exclusive):

with its alter-ego:

And the family of New Models:

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