Matchbox Monday First Look: Oshkosh M-ATV & Frost Fighter…

Once again, it is Matchbox Monday, so lets dive into the orange:

The latest batch is hitting stores around here, and it was waiting for me at a local big box on Saturday.  The highlights of the batch are three very nice looking street cars – two Lotii and a Civic.  A look at those will come shortly, but for now lets focus on the two new tools in the batch.

I would not call either of these models “Lamley” models.  I had to wikipedia the Oshkosh, because I was positive it wasn’t related to the kids pants (That is how smart I am.  I don’t miss anything.  Aren’t you impressed?), and I don’t ever see myself driving an arctic type snowplow truck.  But I will say this – both models, as is always the case with Matchbox, are wonderfully executed.

Some of the negative talk about the current state of Matchbox has died down a bit, but it can flame up at any time.  I hope it stays down, as people become more accustomed to what Matchbox is doing, and realize there is a lot to like.  I have maintained through it all that I am sad about the decreased number of street cars, but fine with the direction.  My point?  These two castings are really well done, the designs are fine to me (feel free to disagree), and fall right in line with what Matchbox is trying to accomplish.  But, alas, I am far more excited about the green Type R.

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Matchbox Oshkosh M-ATV (2012 New Model):

Matchbox Frost Fighter (2012 New Model):

4 Replies to “Matchbox Monday First Look: Oshkosh M-ATV & Frost Fighter…”

  1. I have been critical of the new direction of Matchbox but I think they have turned the corner and are producing more pleasing models and these two show that.
    On my own blog I have written about the “necessary evil” that is generic diecast, and I find these two a great comparison as the Oshkosh is real the other generic and yet it is the generic that I prefer in this case. I think the Frost Fighter has been really well executed.

  2. I like both of these quite a lot. I have one criticism of the Frost Fighter's design: the windshield is canted in such a way that snow would be likely to accumulate and be difficult to remove. Good thing it's an imaginary vehicle. That imaginary snow performs much differently than real snow…

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