First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones ’87 Toyota (Hilux)…

“Hilux” in parentheses because the official name of the model is “’87 Toyota”, but that is most definitely a Hilux.  Well, here in the US it is most definitely a Toyota Pickup.  A built in bed cover makes it a 4Runner.  Alright, it is most definitely an ’87 Toyota.  Let’s leave it at that and move on.

This is one of the Hot Ones I have been waiting for, and Mattel sure made us wait.  But it is finally here, and does not disappoint.  First thought?  REALLY well done, but what do you expect?  If you do the math, it is a 25-year-old vehicle, so you get that nice little combo – HW designer Jun Imai and nostalgic Japanese.  It has worked many times before, and will continue to work.  And don’t forget Matchbox designer Ryu Asada, whose Toyota 4Runner gave Jun something nice to work off of.

Second thought?  How long will it take to see this model in the mainline as Marty McFly’s truck?  One year?  Less?  Taking bets now.

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Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota (2012 Hot Ones – new tool):

The obvious comparison pic – Ryu’s Matchbox 4Runner, and Jun’s HW Hilux:

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  1. Love this truck! Easily one of my favorite new models to debut in the Hot Ones this year, the other one that will rival being the Subaru BRAT


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