First Look: Hot Wheels Kroger exclusive "Super Speeders" Mazda RX-7…

Alright, I will confess.  This is not really a First Look.  That distinction goes to Japanese Nostalgic Car. As well it should, as their logo is on the model, along with JDM Legends in Utah.

Hot Wheels keeps the joy coming.  It seems they are providing more ways to get our favorite castings out to us.  I have loved the Mystery Car series they have released at Walmart, as it has allowed for more recolors of specific models that did not have a spot in the mainline.  Same with the multipack exclusives we profiled yesterday.  Both of these series give us more goodies to collect.

And here is another.  The Super Speeders series is a group of 12 Mystery models found exclusively at Krogers, and some appear to have unique liveries, while others are recolors.  The list includes:

1. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
2. ’86 Monte Carlo SS
3. ’64 Lincoln Continental
4. Nerve Hammer
5. ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport
6. Custom ’11 Camaro
7. ’69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
8. Prototype H-24
9. Fast Fish
10. Mazda RX-7
11. ’70 Camaro Road Race
12. Fangula

There is a decent number we will feature here, and you can probably guess what they are.  A perfect mix of Lamley-ish models.  A supercar (Lambo), a Japanese nostalgic (RX-7), and one of those 70’s classics with those great 70’s lines (Gran Torino Sport).  Happytime!

But lets start with the RX-7.  It is a recolor of the 2012 New Model, first seen in black, then blue.  For me, the white takes the cake.  Look for us to feature more of this casting next week, as we take a look at 5 of Jun Imai’s castings leading up to JCCS on Saturday…

Hot Wheels Super Speeder Mystery Cars for sale…

Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 (Kroger Super Speeders exclusive):

Family portrait:

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  1. Looks awesome! At first, I didn't like this casting very much, but now, I do. I think the white just makes this casting look better. Sadly enough, we don't have this line in India. Also waiting eagerly on the Lambo!

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

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