First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Vector W8 Twin Turbo…

Yes, I will admit to going to Wikipedia when Hot Wheels announced the Vector W8 Twin Turbo was part of the Boulevard lineup.  But it only took a couple of seconds for me to be excited about its release.  I love supercars, even older ridiculous-looking supercars.  I think we are far enough from the ’90s (early ’90s at least) to start appreciating some of the style, although this car might be stretching it.  But I like it.

And that is one of the main reasons I like this model.  Kudos to whoever came up with the idea to do it.  (Same with the AMC Rebel Machine, which we will preview later.)  I know I am not the only one who has googled, youtubed, and done whatever was needed to learn more about the Vector.  Then all those of us dudes will get together, bring up the Vector, and talk like we have known about it all along.  Mattel, keep those models coming.  Make us fake experts.  It is fun.

So, to help you in your Vector research, some photos:

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Hot Wheels Vector W8 Twin Turbo (2012 Boulevard):

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  1. Definitely a cool car. Makes me wonder how they came up to doing this one, though. They did the Vector Avtech WX3 in the early/mid '90s, but only 3 versions (silver dealership promo, lavender #207, and black in a Super Show Cars 5 pack). I know the Avtech casting was asked by several to come back, maybe that's why this one was done.

    Very cool!


  2. The writing on the windshield looks a little amateur-hour, but it's nice to see a Vector in scale again.

    And John, the design dates to the 1970s; Jerry Weigert had been noodling around with it long before it appeared on the cover of Car and Driver in December, 1980.

  3. Hot Wheels half effort at it's best. Not that's it isn't a nice car, it is. But there should be much more detail here for the money. Metal body sprayed down red, on a plane zamac base, with Real Riders. The goods are there, but it's a little too basic.

  4. I had a huge poster of a Vector on my wall as a teen in the mid-Eighties. My heart jumped out of my chest when I saw this one hanging on the peg at Walmart. The detail is not that badly obscured, and Hot Wheels selection of these wheels and tires make this casting that much more sexy. I collect mostly highly detailed 1/64 scale diecast, and trust me. This casting doesn't suffer very much sitting with the rest of my collection. I highly recommend!

  5. Having all 4 scale models of the car is fun. The 1:87 scale Hot Wheels version being the most basic version. Followed by the 1:43 Sparks version with great detail in white. Then the Ricko 1:18 version which should have been built by CMC to include more detail, to the 1:1 scale version in the garage. They are all fun to have and collect. Its a miracle that the car even exists. Enjoy them all.

    Vector W8 015

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