Matchbox Monday Model of the Day: 2011 10-pack exclusive Ford PoliceInterceptor…

There have been some casualties as Matchbox has adopted this “Unstoppable” theme. A lot of classic cars, some current sports cars, and yes, a decent amount of realism. But a silver lining is that the brand has and is creating a plethora of police cars.
This year? The Buick, BMW Motorcycle, Ford Explorer, and the Dodge Charger will join the line. Last year? The Mitsu Evo and this Ford Interceptor. Next year? The Gallardo Police. Plus all the other existing castings like the Subaru WRX and Dodge Monaco.
Yes, we could use liveries from real departments, but these castings are great.
The Ford Interceptor is no exception. I have liked all 5 versions so far, but this 10-pack version is my favorite. Baby blue cop cars are always cool. The small-capped wheels aren’t bad either…
Matchbox Ford Interceptor (2011 10-pack exclusive):

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