Matchbox Monday First Look: 1968 Ford Mustang GT CS…

Matchbox Monday again, and we start with a model that has appeared on US and Australian pegs in the last couple of weeks.

This is one of only five recolors that Matchbox is doing this year.  It is no surprise the chose the Mustang.  The casting is very popular, and it stands out in red.  I am surprised it took a couple of years to release a red version.

And I agree with many Matchbox collectors that I have talked to that this may be the best of all the many Mustangs Matchbox has done.  It is a long legacy, but this one is just fantastic.  As frustrated as some are with the overall direction the brand has taken, I think that most would agree that casting-wise no brand can do a $1 stock version of a car better than Matchbox.  Right now I think we all wish there were more of them in the current lineup.

Matchbox Mustangs for sale…

Matchbox 1968 Ford Mustang GT CS (2012 basic range recolor):

2 Replies to “Matchbox Monday First Look: 1968 Ford Mustang GT CS…”

  1. MUCH better than that odd green colored one (but I still bought one, lol). Still after the blue one as well (or is that one not out yet?). Love this casting, my favorite of newer MBX castings behind the Vista Cruiser and '71 Firebird.


  2. Looks good in red. The lime green was meant to approximate a popular late '60s color–one that is now hopelessly out of fashion–but was a little too intense.

    My hope is that, since they'll have hard wheels, they'll spent the cents to mask off the interior for the 60th Anniversary version and paint it, rather than give it a chrome interior. And maybe tampo a little red in those taillight slots.

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